Pied 15 years odl


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I’m 15 and had severe pied where porn couldn’t get me up. This started 6 months ago in march I was in a heavy porn streak and while watching porn i lost my erection. I’ve been pmo free for 6 months. I get involuntarily erections sometimes and i’ve had like 7 wet dreams. I just don’t know if im making progress or not how did ur recovery go i hate to deal with this please tell me how ur recovery went. If i get etections they aren’t 100% and it feels like i low sensitivity and my penis shrunk
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You are lucky to have found this site at an early age. Right now, your brain is developing, so it's vital to quit all forms of porn (not just PMO). Also, do you have any friends who also are quitting porn? If so, talk together about it.
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You made the right Choice in quitting pmo. My son turns 15 tomorrow and I’m scared for him. I’m so sorry that you’re in this postition. Here’s what I can tell you. At 15 you’re still developing. Your brain is making connections on what gives you sexual pleasure. You WILL get better. Just never go back to PMO. Talk to girls, Make out. Do your thing man. Stay healthy and stay away from the poison that is pornography and you WILL get better. Low sensitivity, shrunk penis……both sings of flatline. It’s a sign that your body is trying to achieve balance. You’ve been blasting your brain with dopamine from all the fapping. I agree with @jberg. If you have friends going through it, talk with them. If not, talk with us. It’s so much easier when you’re not doing it alone. Good luck young one. You already know this is hard and will keep being hard, but you can do it. Please, don’t hesitate to message me privately if you need anything at all. I sincerely mean that.