Finally, I'm doing this…


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Day 33, no po, no mo.

I always say that you have to be on purpose, it’s the only way to rewire your brain towards real-life dopamine levels after you do the unwiring from porn by abstaining from it.

But these past days I wasn’t that purpose-driven tbh, I’m feeling a bit lazy and I find it a bit hard to focus. I don’t know why!!?

Maybe because of the reboot, it might be some kind of a withdrawal symptom…

Instead of working on my laptop, I will pick up my phone and watch videos on youtube, which could turn very ugly if I lose control over what I’m watching. but so far so good.

Yeah Finally, I found it, this is what’s called brain fog. Which comes with confusion, forgetfulness, and a lack of focus and mental clarity.

Brain fog can also be caused by a lack of sleep. I go to bed around 11:45 pm, read a book for 15 minutes, and then sleep at midnight, the next day I wake up around 6 am. 6 hours of sleep, that's it.

Even while I’m writing this journal, I find it difficult to focus and my eyes are getting sleepy. Waking up early every day is a must for me, so to get my 8 hours of sleep I have to go to bed early, around 10 pm, that’s the plan from now on.

So that’s the two reasons why I’m having brain fog right now. While the sleep issue is very fixable in a short period, the porn issue will require more time to fix…

I have to be patient with this one, and most importantly not give up on myself…

Alright, have a good one.





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Day 36, no po, no mo.

So yesterday I had the second wet dream in this 1+ month of reboot.

What i can remember from the dream is, i was making out with this girl. I didn't even penetrate her, we were just kissing and getting intimate, that's all.

soon after I woke up and realized it was just a dream, and my penis was about to ejaculate, i had to stop it by pressing the muscle below the penis.

Then I went back to sleep.

I’m fine with ejaculating because of a wet dream, as long as ejaculating doesn’t include porn or masturbating without a partner doing it for me.

With that said, why did I stop then ??

Yesterday I was fasting(no food, no sex for 14 hours/day), that's why.

With Ramadan just one month away, I have to start practicing for it, that’s what Muslims do (I'm Muslim btw).

The day went easy, I didn’t have many urges, even if I did I just ignored them like always.

Also, fasting helps me with exercising my free will muscle, i could have eaten something when no one was looking, but i didn’t, that’s what fasting is all about.

Even today while I’m not fasting( I had breakfast when i woke up), I’m still fasting from porn and sex in general. Till I get my junkie brain to unwire from those old pathways of porn consumption that are still lurking around in my brain.

I will keep fasting (abstaining) from it, As long as it would take to leave this porn behind.

Just hurry my dear brain and unwire and start to rewire, you have no place to escape from me lol….

For you out there, you have to tell your brain, where you want to go and how you want to get there, stop being a wuss and man the fuck up…

Stay strong fellas…




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Day 39, no po, no mo.

2 days ago I was watching a video recording of a podcast episode on youtube, talking about feminism and how it fucked up the western world, and what it means to be an alpha male and a high-value man…

In every episode the 2 men hosts invite a bunch of chicks, to talk about the dating game and what you like in a man kind of stuff…

The kind of girls they invite is what triggers me the most (there is no nudity or anything like that on the podcast). But The common thing about these chicks is they are all sex workers, strippers, only fans models, porn stars…

Why I started watching these episodes in the first place is to learn the traits of a high-value man, and how he should focus on his mission first and put his ambitions before any woman that he’s going to date. If the woman can’t keep up with that, then she doesn’t deserve him…

Anyway, I don't care about that dating game for now at least, since I’m still single and I have a lot of time to figure that out later. All I wanted to know from the podcast is how to be a high-value man in terms of success and personal life…

I kept going to watch the episodes even though they weren’t about the high-value man principle, it was because of the hot girls they invited on those episodes…

How did I find out, 2 days ago I watched an episode where they invited a bunch of girls to talk about feminism, one of those girls was a porn star, so there you go…

They kept mentioning her name over and over again, and in a moment of weakness, I was looking to the bottom of the edge.

I googled her name up, and a bunch of porn link results appeared, thank god I didn’t click through, however, I went to the image section and saw nudity and stuff like that, but luckily I closed the tap 3 seconds after that, I didn’t binge-watch those images, if I did I would probably look for her videos and relapse…

This all started because of a podcast recording video, but nobody forced me to watch it. It was because of my freaking brain. I know he’s not completely healed, you never know what trick he got up his sleeve…

I have to be careful next time, I can't afford to start this journey all over again and flash my reboot down the toilet…

But I’m still here fighting each day at a time, and my main focus now is going through the day without relapsing and working on myself more than I used to…

About the podcast, I don't listen or watch it anymore. I learned my lesson, I bet there’s better content without any triggers out there.

Always consider before consuming, otherwise, it may be the start of a relapse for you…

Never let that happen, stay strong.




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Its not monk
the way i look at it is this...
Monk mode is lit. It's the hardmode of hardmode basically. And the best (and maybe quickest) way to reboot.

based on researches i done about it, it's basically avoiding anything artificial. So no social media, youtube, netflix, tv, no fantasizing etc. Don't look at a girls 'features' when you're out. (Adopt a NoArousal approach) This one is huge.

If you're up for it it provides great results.

In nofap and semen retention, you are allowed to have sex, have a girlfriend, and enjoy everything in your life, but in monk mode, there are some limitations.

the stage I'm in right now is, no mo, no po. i don't check out women. although I still watch tv and youtube. i avoid any triggering content that may cause me to relapse. i still get fantasizes but i can ignore them easily.

that's my view on it.

Physical DesiresNoFapSemen RetentionMonk Mode
Sexyesyes (Without Ejaculation)no
Masturbationnoyes (Without Ejaculation)no
Watching Pornnoyesno
Allowed To Have Physical Relationship With A Girlyesyesno