Finally, I'm doing this…


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Day 90, no po, no mo (monk mode).

Yeah, here we are again at the ninety days mark. I have been here maybe 4 or 5 times since I started this journey of quitting porn, long before I joined this forum. The thing is before I began journaling about it, I would abstain as long as I could from porn and then back at it again, I understood it like it was some reward to make up for those months i abstained from p, and it kept the addiction alive in me like a rat spinning a wheel until he gets tired without getting nowhere.

But this time i feel different about the whole thing, this time might be the one I break free from this jail once and for all, i know it’s a cliche for us rebooters to say this, i myself have said it many times before and soon after it back to day one.

I don’t want anyone to understand this in a negative way, there is still hope for us, you don’t have to take my word for it, just take a look around the forum and you will see examples of men abstaining from porn for over a year and beyond, men like the legend himself, the myth, the one, and only, blondie, and the top g who started this awesome forum Gabe deem.

One day hopefully I will reach those guys' levels, and it starts now.

Maybe the light bulb moment for me is realizing how keeping yourself busy can play a significant role in battling this addiction, when you wake up and start your day doing meaningful stuff. Whatever it might be, going to college in my case, improving my language skills, working out(i need to work more on this one), making connections with students, eating healthy, lowering my gaze, doing my five daily prayers, waking up early, studying, fasting 14 hours 2 days/week (Monday, Thursday), taking remedial classes at night, sleeping early for 7-8hours…

All of this combined with abstaining from porn, and you can see a major difference in your life. I’m not saying you will be enlightened and start floating in mid-air or anything like that overnight, it takes time for sure, and it requires strong willpower, focus, and discipline, things i didn’t know anything about when i was a heavy porn user…

Was it worth it to abstain from porn and masturbation for 3 months? Hell yeah, it was. I can feel and notice a lot of changes in my life in general and my body in particular, things like:

  • increased happiness
  • boosted confidence
  • increased motivation and willpower
  • lower levels of stress and anxiety
  • heightened spirituality
  • self-acceptance
  • improved attitude and appreciation toward women
  • higher energy levels
  • muscle growth
  • better sleep
  • improved focus and concentration
  • better physical performance and stamina
  • improved or cured premature ejaculation, but how do I know i got rid of it, well everyday i wake up with strong morning woods like a coiled cobra ready to strike (only guys will understand lol), i know it’s early to say I'm cured from pe but i think i’m on the right path to get my penis fixed.
  • improved sperm quality (semen volume, sperm concentration, motility, total sperm count )again how do i know this, I'm not a doctor, but often i feel this liquid passing through my balls like crazy, i don’t know if it’s just me but it’s a great and sometimes a funny sensation to experience.
One last thing, I would like to thank all the members of this forum that supported me. Your encouragement means a lot, sending love and support to all of you on your own journey to get cured and leave this porn addiction behind.

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until next time, control your brain or it will control you.




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@Ezel, I'm so happy for you brother! 90 days!

I totally understand what you're talking about when abstaining for a time back in the day and then "rewarding" yourself with a relapse. 🤦‍♂️ Been there done that. And those improvements in your life have been substantial. A porn-free life is no loss to us in anyway but only an improvement.

Thanks for always inspiring me with your persistence, discipline, and good attitude.

Always a pleasure.

Bless you man.


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Congratulations Ezel, 90 days is huge even if you were here before. Having a relapse after a certain number of days doesn't mean much if you can stay away from porn this long at a time. Focus on that, and keep going, keep inspiring. :)


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Inspirational @Ezel 90 Top of the Shops…..
Sorry I couldn’t resist one last Bingo call…. LOL.

I loved all the positive outcomes you spoke about in your post, it really touched me.
I know I probably seem like an unlikely supporter of a young man on a journey to rid himself of unwanted porn consumption, but I’m not only a partner going through this, but a Mum of two young kids, who I will fight to the death to educate on the harmful affects of porn and how not to fall into the trap.

Well done on reaching this milestone, I look forward to the rest of your journey and thank you for highlighting to all the men out there (young & old) that true change is possible.

Peace & light gorgeous boy🥰