Finally, I'm doing this…


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I sleep a lot on my chest. I think I have to cut that off and sleep on my back or my right side and see what could happen.
Hey @Ezel, yeah this could probably affect it a little. I remember when I was a horny little shit I would sleep on my chest to get that sensation, so changing that up maybe would help you. However, this morning I had morning wood and the soft sheets on top felt mighty pleasant as well, so it's a toss up! Either way, as long as we don't touch ourselves we're good.

Out of curiosity, since you've been having wet dreams so much, it made me wonder if older males actually could have them. Apparently they can, but considerably less frequently, however, older gents don't have them because of frequent sex or masturbation. None of that is hard to believe for any of us here. I imagine I would have to go on monk mode for probably 4 or 5 months before seeing wet sheets.

Bless you brother!
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Just wanted to come back on here and tell you what a good man you are. I know you’re doing this for yourself, but by extension you’re doing it and helping so many others. I think I am slightly envious that you get nocturnal releases because that feels like the most perfect solution. No pain of frustration for you, but you don’t have fantasy addled MO in your life. I am impressed. You are a king. Thanks for being here, buddy.


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Day 117 (no po, no mo), monk mode.

14 wet dreams.

A new record over this week’s period. I had 3 wet dreams (Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday).
I couldn’t remember the dreams I had these past two days, but I still remember the one I had on Thursday. (don’t worry i won’t trigger anybody with this)

Cuz there wasn't anything sexual at all. That’s what’s so bizarre about it. In the dream I found myself walking in a mall. I can't remember how I got there ( you know that’s how dreams work, you can never know where you came from and where you are going. And a minute in real life is the equivalent of idk, maybe a day or more, it depends. The ones who watched the Inception movie would understand what I’m talking about).

Anyways as I was walking I spotted a girl I worked with and who I have a crush on. She saw me as well. And we started talking about some stuff (work, college…) until we found ourselves on a park bench. I never got bored talking to her when we were still working together. In the dream, We talked for so long till I started feeling the ejaculation coming (the talk wasn’t sexual at all) then how did I cum. Is it just her voice that did the trick for me, or maybe there’s a part of the dream that’s missing?!!

I felt disgust and shame while I was ejaculating in the dream in front of that girl, even though we were just sitting on a bench in the middle of a public park like normal people. But somehow i knew she figured out what was happening with me lol. Despite the fact that I was embracing the impact of that ejaculation, and trying to hide the orgasm I was having that was showing clearly through my face lol.

As the last drop was out I started waking up and found myself staring at the ceiling of my room in the middle of the night, yes it was just a dream ladies and gentlemen. Thank god. I knew something was off. That scenario would never happen IRL. With a huge smile on my face knowing it was just a dream, I went back to sleep.

I think I finally found my outlet. lol. pursuing a serious relationship that will lead to marriage eventually is the goal in mind for sure. But until we get there I have my beloved wet dreams to release that sexual tension and energy.

Keep pushing guys. Bless you all.

Peace and love.



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@Ezel, this is fantastic brother! I can't even imagine how this would feel. :)

It's great to see that your body is finding other ways to release itself instead of all the unnatural ways we're all accustomed to here at RN.

Day 117? I'm not sure what your longest streak was but you have to have past it or are really close.

Bless you.


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Day 131 (no po, no mo), monk mode.

16 wet dreams.

Ramadan is over. This past 30 days of my reboot wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for it. Yes, I’m happy that I made it this far, but also sad Ramadan ended.

With 14h/day of fasting for 30 days straight you can show your body or your brain or both who’s the boss. Yes, I broke them with that but yesterday they showed me that they are still here and trucking. Cuz i almost messed up. Thank god it didn’t turn ugly. It was at that moment i thought to myself i could really use a wet dream to release that tension and stress i was battling. And look no further just today morning woke up with wet boxers.

Man, I wish the whole year was Ramadan. Ramadan is all about controlling your desires and unleashing your spirituality. Even though it has ended by now, I still got a plan down my sleeves. I’m going to fast for 6 more days and after that get back to my routine of fasting 2 days/a week (Monday and Thursday). We’ll see how that goes.

Keep pushing guys, we got this.

Last but not least I thank all the legends on here @Blondie @GBS @FreedomFromTheStruggle_11 @Androg @First_step_thousand_miles @SmokenMirrors @TryingHarder @Hunter_ .
God bless you all.




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Day 141 (no po, no mo), monk mode.

17 wet dreams.

It’s clear now that leaving porn behind won’t put an end to all your problems. You still have to put in the work and create some good habits that will put you on the road to success not only in this battle against porn but in life in general.

Why am I saying this? Don’t get me wrong, getting rid of this addiction is a hell of a start to being the best version of yourself, but it’s not enough. Cuz your brain will still look for that dopamine fix from somewhere else. If your brain is convinced that you won’t watch porn anymore, it will go in another direction that’s least resistant and won’t take the hard path that will make your dreams in life come true.

Our brains can be stupid sometimes, or maybe that dopamine chase that was keeping you on your toes for so long is the one to blame for this stupid behavior.

Yesterday I went to a coffee shop to study for my upcoming final semester exams, and as soon as I grabbed my phone, I lost track of time as I was sucked into youtube and kept scrolling and watching meaningless videos and shorts for 2 hours straight without studying a damn thing which was the goal in mind. Man, I hate this so much.

I tried the digital detox challenge so many times by implementing some apps to limit my screen time, but I can always get around their defenses and break free whenever my brain feels like it. I feel that this (phone, internet, tech) addiction is way stronger than porn addiction, cuz we are on our phones probably for the whole day. And you see other people doing it as well so you say to yourself it’s okay as long as other people do it. Even though you are not doing a meaningful thing that will develop your career or your studies.

Phones are 2 sides edged swords, it really depends on the user and his willpower and getting his priorities in order. If you don’t have these two checked then you are the product in this scenario, not your phone, and the big tech giants are the ones using you through your phone and the apps that are on it.

I’m still searching for some strong digital detox apps, or phone addiction forums like the one we got here for porn addiction. If there’s a forum like this it’s even better, that way you can share your experience and learn from other people’s experiences.

If anyone has any suggestions about this phone addiction and how to battle it and get rid of it, I would really appreciate it.

I was just wondering if Einstein, DaVinci, and Newton had their phones would they still be able to produce and achieve what they achieved??




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I was just wondering if Einstein, DaVinci, and Newton had their phones would they still be able to produce and achieve what they achieved??
I've literally been saying this to my family and friends for a few years now. I think if an Einstein was born today he would never realise his potential because he would have his will, drive, attention, curiosity and time stolen by digital distractions.

This technology and in particular apps like social media might look good for the economy on paper, but that's because they are vampirically draining the value of billions of individuals into their coffers. Your quality time, output and impact in the world is undergoing a horrendously wasteful energy transformation into the lowest quality output - your time and attention being monetized for advertising revenue.

Imagine if an Einstein's contribution to the world was wastefully converted into fucking advertising revenue. That's happening right now I swear by it.

We have to go to war with these things, I'm with you.