Pride and joy

Day 28 of not using porn

Thank you @downhillfromhere and @EarthWalker! Appreciate your support
And yeah downhill. Interesting you've experienced a similar thing with music
Hoping it stays that way - definitely a big positive in my life when I can enjoy it

Good day today. Took day off work. Out with wife and doing yardwork in the afternoon
Nice to see my wife enjoying her day too
Haven't done my chinups or reading or recovery work today :oops:
Plan to do it before bed though, and not too worried because I was being productive in other ways

Stay strong RN community and keep writing in your journals. Always a big inspiration 💪


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You're killing it Particularly!

I too have noticed my love of music rekindle over these last few months. It's amazing how something as magical and wonderful as music can slowly lose some of its effects when viewing porn. Damn that shit to hell!

Keep it up my man, you're almost to day 30!

Day 29 of not using porn

Thank you @Blondie
Damn that shit to hell - yes sir - I'm onboard with that 100%!

Mostly good day today
Focus okay at work. Got sleepy in the afternoon but forced myself out to do yardwork and started feeling better
Nice weather too. Was enjoying the sunshine

Will do my weekly roundup tomorrow as that will also be 30 days free (assuming I make it through the day) so I can also reflect on the past month

Did my chinups/recovery/reading

Stay strong RN community 💪
I've read many great stories of guys making good progress over the past few days. Always an inspiration!
Day 30 of not using porn

Thank you @Dungalef - appreciate your support!

Finally made it to 30 days :cool:
Already ordered a book on Amazon to celebrate

Good day today
First day in a LONG time I did not turn on my work PC
Officially I am taking this week off - can't remember the last time I took a week off like this
Probably I will actually work on one or two days, and besides that I will also work on projects related to my business
But still feels nice to be "off work"
Wife is away. Did some yardwork in morning/early afternoon, played guitar, watched a movie on netflix
Urges not zero but pretty low - maybe 3/10
Still got reading/recovery/chinups to do, but plan to do them before bed

Weekly roundup
Reading 4/7
Chinups 7/7
Recovery work 7/7
Exercise 2/2
Working in living room in evening 4/7 (I think)
Men's group - no progress after contacting some last week
Work 6 days - done

Room for improvement definitely, but not bad. Solid B grade

Going forward I am adding 5 chinups (10 chinups a day)
Also, my 15 mins recovery work a day has been mainly anti-porn podcasts and books
But now that I have one month PF under my belt, I will change to general self-improvement books and podcasts on alternate days
This is because not using porn is not an end in itself - instead it is part of a program of becoming a better man

Reflections on this past month PF
I feel good about it
Previously I hit 50 days, then 26 days, but somehow my foundations never felt strong on that second 26 day streak
This time my foundations feel much stronger and I want to at least go beyond 50 and am hoping for 90 days and beyond
Possible reasons why it felt easier this time: less work stress, or maybe my focus on positive habits is finally kinda working?
Not sure but I hope it continues

Next target: 50 days, then 60

Stay strong RN community. I am rooting for all of you and wishing for your success 💪
Day 31 of not using porn

Thank you @downhillfromhere, @Blondie, and @EarthWalker!
Always appreciate support from the legends of the RN community :)

downhill, for me, reading books and listening to podcasts is as much to remind myself of the journey I am on and not let my resolve slip as it is for the actual information
That said, the podcasts I listen to regularly are:

Porn-free radio - probably my No. 1. The host is christian but the podcast is not too religious (I am not religious myself)
Also he tends to discuss it more through an old-school sex-addiction type lens than the new high-speed internet dopamine fiend perspective
But despite that, I connect most with his energy

Porn brain rewire podcast - maybe no. 2. Don't connect as much with the host, but find her message the most compelling (she seems most in touch with the struggles that high speed internet has brought to porn addiction)

Consider before consuming - mixed bag. They have interviews with all sorts of people, from porn addicts to former performers and people from human trafficking charities. Some interviews good and interesting, others not so much. Also seems more focused on younger people (teens and 20s) than the other podcasts (although applicable for all ages)

Sex, love & addiction with Dr. Rob - also mixed bag. Very wide range of topics, and not focused specifically on porn, but sometimes interesting

Brain Over Binge with Kathryn Hansen - recently found out about this via the RN forum. Actually it is about binge eating not porn addiction but it is surprisingly relevant to our struggle. I think the host has quite a modern understanding of addiction/compulsive behavior and how to fix it

Sex Afflictions & Porn Addictions - kinda similar to porn-free radio (and there have been a few crossover episodes), but I prefer porn-free radio. I don't connect with the host as much on sex afflictions & porn addictions, but it's mostly a good podcast

Hope the list above helps anyone looking for resources :)
I would advise trying them all and seeing which ones you connect with
Also if anyone knows other good podcasts - let me know! I am interested in trying new ones

Anyway good day today
Did yardwork (chopping wood so counting as exercise) in morning and work in afternoon (even though it's my "week off")
Good focus at work
Not done chinups/reading/recovery yet, but it's still early here so will do them later

Stay strong RN community, keep writing in your journals, and stay porn-free 💪

Phineas 808

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Thank you for the list, PR. Like yourself, I listen to podcasts early in the morning (or motivational videos on YouTube), and am looking for new stuff.

I’ll give one of those another try, and Kathryn’s always great!

keep up the good work!
Day 32 of not using porn

Thank you @Onmyway19, @Phineas 808, and @downhillfromhere!
Always appreciate your support. And Phineas - yeah an early morning podcast can definitely give us something to think about during the rest of the day

Good day today - worked in the morning (despite it being my "week off")
Chopped wood in the afternoon until my arms hurt
Got two thumbs up from wife for the curry I made for dinner (y)(y)
Overall productive. Not much time for porn thoughts/urges

Did my recovery work and chinups
Will do reading before bed

Stay strong RN community. Hope you are all making progress in recovery
Let's get back to fulfilling our potential as men 💪
Day 33 of not using porn

Thank you for the support @Ezel!
Feels nice to have a month under my belt but also feels like "okay, here's where we start making real progress" you know?
Let's keep burning those boats and going all in (y)

Good day today - still enjoying my week off
Lie-in, lunch out with wife, chopping wood in the afternoon
Did my reading and chinups. Still got recovery work to do

No real time for porn urges/thoughts today. Definitely much easier when not sat in front of a computer all day

17 days till 50 days (length of longest streak since I joined RN)

Stay strong RN community. Sending support to all of you on your journeys 💪
Day 34 of not using porn

Thanks @Ezel! Always appreciate your support :)

Good day today. Spent most of it outside doing yardwork
It was hot and the work was hard so physically I was destroyed by around 4pm
But still felt good to be outside and away from the screen (will be back to work tomorrow though :rolleyes:)
Urges again lower - good lesson from this week that it's significantly easier if I can limit screentime

Did recovery work and reading. Will do chinups before bed

Sending support to all members of the RN community
Never forget your reason for being on this journey 💪