9 months in, asexual, dead libido, dead dick, yet morning wood?

Roughly 9 months into my reboot. I relapsed once about a month ago. Felt like utter shit. Then tried some porn free masturbation. Still felt like utter shit. Was able to climax and get fully hard porn free, however, so that might be a good sign.

However, I feel fucking DEAD inside. My libido, my ability to get aroused with real women, around them, seeing them, its just nonexistent.

10 years without morning wood which returned 90 days into the reboot and continues to this day. Clearly I have made progress. But wtf is going on with my arousal? Why is my libido DEAD and my dick often still shriveled up flaccid? I feel nothing, I am totally apathetic. I can find a woman attractive but I don't have ANY feeling of my dick sprouting up ready to fuck her. A month after I started my reboot I entered this horrid flatline that seems to never end.

The only time I can feel arousal is when I am stoned on marijuana. If I get really high, I can get that feeling of being horny and wanting to fuck. I have had some hints of libido when getting lots of sun exposure at the beach, too. They are short lived. Otherwise, it is impossible. Any ideas what this could mean?

I am starting to believe I have other undiagnosed medical issues that may require medication or such. I feel like I have exhausted all avenues. My blood work is normal. The only other thing I can think of is that I am not eating enough. I often have little appetite and struggle to get more than 1500 calories in most days. I am 6'0 and 157 lbs.

The strangest part is I have frequent, full blown orgasm wet dreams. One a week is not unusual. Hard morning wood. Then I wake up and I feel completely and totally dead inside. You could put a nude woman in front of me and there is just no response.. nothing.

I was a 20 year porn addict and severe edger. I am now age 29. I don't know if this could still be from porn at this point, I am second guessing it because surely things should be resolved by now. I feel like I've tried every supplement and herb known to man, and even some medications, and nothing is doing it. My dopamine system must be completely out of whack. What should I do?

I really don't understand this and would like some suggestions. I feel apathetic and have zero drive to fuck women even this far into the reboot. If it were anything other than my dopamine system I would not be getting morning wood, right?

Need some reassurance here.. thanks guys.


Go to gym and start lifting weights. Deadlifts, bench presses, shoulders, squats, back rows etc etc big muscles workout. That should do it. Also start eating lots of healthy food. If taking calories is hard, try using some mass gainer supps. Start putting some muscles into that body.

It propably will start helping your situation but don't expect vast changes. And even if it doesn't help with the libido you should be working out anyway.


I make this post because I'm in similar situation like : Itsoverboyo
I'm on day 103 ( hard mode) and I feel like my libido is dead. Almost this whole 103 days I was and still i'm in a flatline.
Maybe is worth to mentioned that I'm 29 years old virgin. I doing nofap for at least 8 years but this time is very weird because of that flatline what is almost from the begining of my streak.
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Something to keep in mind about morning wood... An erection isn't always a sign of sexual arousal. It happens when your circulatory system is healthy. It can also be a failsafe mechanism: your body can trigger an erection in the middle of the night due to a full bladder to prevent you from wetting the bed (you can't pee when you're hard). Heck, I've had erections on buses and trains simply due to the crotch of my pants being a little tight and a few minutes of vibration causing the blood to flow down there. Check out this article for more information.

Also, if you had a 20 year addiction and you're 9 months into reboot, remember that this takes time. I know that's not much of a comfort, but it's true.