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Hey @SmokenMirrors , so happy to hear of your successes! 👍 👍

I definitely know what you're talking about here, and others have mentioned this phenomenon as well. I think it's two things.

Firstly, when we're not wankers, we are just different people, and that confidence comes off to the women around us. And since women love men who are confident, that's just a win win situation all around.

Secondly, and as you just mentioned, when you're not whacking it ever 24/7, you have all that extra testosterone running through you veins, thus, you walk around like you have a purpose in life. Women love men who have better things to do than just trying to receive female attention, thus, they give you attention! It's a beautiful law of the universe! :cool:

One of the biggest problems I have with porn, besides everything we talk about here on a daily basis, is how it makes us men into simps for women. We literally train ourselves to give out free attention to women on Instagram, porn, etc., who will never have sex with us, and thereby waste our time in return, which is our greatest resource on this earth. Porn trains our minds to do this, and then unfortunately, this bad habit bleeds out into the real world, where us men give out attention to women all day long, hoping to get back any scraps of affection along the way, like beggars in the street.🤦‍♂️ Last time I checked, there is nothing more repulsive to a woman than a man begging for her attention, it's like the plague to them, and they rightly run away!

Long story short, when you have better things to do then just begging for attention, women take notice of you, and well, that's a great thing my man!

Best to you

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Great post @Blondie. I also feel like wasting your time on things you do not realize are taking this from you is the worst thing that you can do to yourself.