20 Something Reboot

Haha no worries my man. Yeah the porn urges do creep up more when you're celibate, I've been feeling it too. At least they don't seem to be as strong as they were at beginning of reboot / pre reboot so something to be grateful for

Keep living life brother, it's amazing that we're almost at the end of the year! Well one of my big goals this yr was to quit porn (and yours as well I imagine), we can hopefully tick that box off as we make our goals for next yr!


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'Wherever water flows it creates ruts. Where is your mental water flowing? That’s your lesson for the day, grasshoppers.
If you believe you have relapsed – get over it – and get back on the porn-free horse.'

Day 275 no porn
Day 21 no MO
Still here gentlemen! Still getting slight urges every now and then, usually at night, but I'm pushing through them! Still trying to reel in the MO but I find that sometimes it's my only option to sleep at night
Day 289 no porn
Day 3 no MO
Good to hear you push man, hey nothing wrong with MO'ing in moderation once you are healed. At some point you'll find a nice lady and won't have to do it as much, but 1-2x a week I think is totally fine (unless you feel it's stopping you from talking to women). Keep at it my friend