20 Something Reboot


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Nothing new to report for yesterday except I had an amazing day in the sun with good friends! I've been maxing out the cold in the shower for a few days now so I'm buzzing with that!

Today is a chill day I think, I only have the work capacity to work 6 days for now but I'm working on it!

Day 13 meditation
Day 12 cold shower
Day 72 no MO
Day 472 no porn


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Wet dream last night, god damnit
Meditation was full of white noise but I'm happy with the slow progress - happy 2 weeks!

I'm feeling so much more confident and energetic recently! I attribute a lot of it to my semen retention, genuinely. My discipline has shot through the roof and my work ethic has increased tenfold! The reboot is worth it, kings

Stay hard

Day 14 meditation
Day 13 cold shower
Day 73 no MO
Day 473 no porn


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2 weeks of cold showers baby! Oorah!
I've been chatting to a girl online and she's definitely into me, things get very heated quickly haha! Good news that, it's messing with my meditation though!

Day 15 meditation
Day 14 cold shower
Day 74 no MO
Day 474 no porn
Just make sure she's not an AI chatbot girlfriend! Jk man :) I feel like those are blowing up, I'm sure they'll start to invite Hinge soon haha

Very happy for you!


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Seeing some friends later so I did my meditation early, that lady kept popping into my head, I need to be careful that I dont detract from my purpose!

Keep on fighting the good fight kings

Day 16 meditation
Day 15 cold shower
Day 75 no MO
Day 475 no porn
Nice move smoken. If you don't occupy your mind with meaningful stuff. It will occupy you with the filth.
Good job my brother, we rocking with you.


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Great stuff!

I'm sure you don't need to hear this and in any case everything will go great but don't let anything throw you off your game. I remember getting excited about seeing a girl and anticipating some action and it didn't turn out that great and it threw off my reboot.

Anyway, fucking awesome stuff.


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I went for a walk in the beautiful summer's evening sun and came back to meditate next to my open window with the window open. The blue skies shone through and the birds were tweeting. I am not sure why this happened but I started crying tears of euphoria, very odd for me sinec usually my emotions aren't outwardly expressive! It was a great feeling though

Day 19 meditation
Day 18 cold shower
Day 78 no MO
Day 478 no porn