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pied since past year, initially managed with cialis. Now nothing seems to work. Was into watching porn with a few fetishes. Not addicted though. Also whatever erection i get while supine i lose it instantly on standing. I am not sure if it is pied or venous leak. On no pmo for 4weeks. No improvement seen as of now. In a horrible flatline with no urges
Will it get better......????
Good luck man! We are all on this journey together 💪

Is it possible to ever be fully healed?
Honestly for a severe decades long addiction like mine, I'm not sure
But I have noticed significant improvements when I had long streaks in the past (longest was 8-9 months)
It seems most men report the same, so I am confident it does work

Plus even putting PIED, etc. aside, focusing our efforts on productive things inside of jerking off to T&A on a screen alone will make us better men
So I think ending this compulsive behavior is definitely worth the struggle

I am not sure if it is pied or venous leak.
Regarding this part, can you get an erection to porn?
Do you get morning wood/nocturnal erections?
Can you get an erection to touch alone (no porn)?
Can you get an erection with a partner?

If the answer to number 1 and/or 2 is yes but 3 and/or 4 is no, then probably it is not a physical issue
But if you never (or very rarely) are able to get an erection (including to porn), then I think it is worth seeing a doctor to check for any physical issues

Hope this helps - good luck in your journey brother! :)