Good progress


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Hi all
I am also suffering from pied. I was stressing out too much and tried to follow good diet with gym. During that time i had girl and tried have sex but couldn’t make it cause if got softer after 2 mins of erection. But this week i took 50mg of sildenafil and really had good sex. Even in the morning i had good erection and made it up to 30 mins of sex without pill. Another day i took another 50 mg and it went good, and in the morning i really had good sex without pill.
just want to ask that i had over come pied or it just happened because of pill. If it is only because of pill then how would get erection in the morning and had it for 30 mins.
I have tried it and I also feel that the ext morning I have stronger erections. So either there is still a bit of effect lasting from the pill or its just your confidence after having a strong erection the night before.