Should I start taking medication to help recover?

I'm a worst case scenario who has had PIED my entire adult life. I believe I need 1-2 year to make any sort of recovery. I've tried everything to try and recovery, from installing blockers to establishing a rigid workout routine. I've even have accountability software on my PC AND Phone which my therapist uses to monitor my online activity. My longest clean streak is 7 months. But I always end up relapsing one way or another.

My libido is completely killed, so avoiding PMO should be easy, right? The reality is that I'm a highly neurotic person, I had mild OCD as a kid, but I believe the underlying anxiety still persists. I have extreme trouble controlling my mind and impulses when I'm anxious (which happens easily), and I end up chasing the dopamine hit.

I'm wondering if I should take a low dose medication (zoloft?) for a year to manage my anxiety. I think this could be a tool in my recovery, by alleviating the anxiety that leads to relapses. The idea is that once I reboot, I'll stop the medication.

I hate the idea of using medication to recover, but I'm getting desperate and I feel the window in my life is closing, which is leading me increasingly depressed. Maybe this is worth a try? The only other option is that I quit my job/life and live on a farm or Buddhist monastery for 2 years.
Thinking in extremes or absolutes can be dangerous. Usually medication messes with ED, rather than helping it, but if your therapist thinks it's worth a try you could go for it and document what happens.

Might also be worth getting your T levels checked with some bloodwork. If that's too low, weightlifting and/or changing up your diet can help a lot. Might be why the libido is gone.


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First of all, you do not need to worry so much, you will be fine, you just need to find a good doctor who will prescribe the right medications for you and advise you a psychotherapist with whom you also need to work a lot. After all, if you suffer from depression or anxiety, taking pills may not always help you. First of all, you need to fight with your mind and try to set it up for positive things. It's very difficult, but that's how I beat depression. Of course I took a lot of antidepressants. And it's good that I found out about medical policies from this site in time --, otherwise I would have paid much more for medicines.
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