my progress (20 y/o)


So I completly quit porn videos about a month ago when I realized I had PIED. Ive been watching it since I was 13/14 pretty heavily.  I have no urge at all to watch porn anymore. I have been getting spontaneous erections when texting or talking to girls or female contact. My only downfall is ive been masturbating alot to pitures of girls I know and past experiences ive had. I slept with a gir last night and it wasnt the best I had ever done but I noticed a huge difference since I quit porn. When she was flirting with me in her bed I was rock solid and that never happened before my reboot process. Basically I was at like 60-70 percent and 100 when I came but before when I tried to have sex with this girl I couldnt get up at all so the reboot has worked wonders for me in a month. I hope to quit masturbation completly and if anyone doubts rebooting trust me it has def worked great so far and I feel like Ill be cured in a couple months.

Gabe Deem

Staff member
Hey spencer,

My only downfall is ive been masturbating alot to pitures of girls

It is great that you quit porn and are seeing improvement. But I highly suggest you stop masturbating during your reboot as it has been shown to slow recovery. If it ain't real no deal, so stay away from fantasizing and looking at pics.

Two tips for beating the urge to masturbate is to take a cold shower/run cold water on your junk. Or drop and do a set of push-ups until failure. Both of these are very good at killing the mood to masturbate.

Hope that helps. Keep the positive attitude and keep truckin