My journal(i guess)


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If some of my sentences felt weird or sounds like a wannabe college research paper with no efforts, sorry about that, English is my second language and I am in high school(my english teachers were ass)

Hello to the people around the world who are likely not gonna read this.

This is my first day of quitting some way. I have relapsed over and over many days of my life since the day I watched pornography throughout my life and how it made me as a person. I do not know how old I was when my first exposure of pornography happened in the past but I am looking forward for the future. What makes this first day special is that I fully quit and I am happy. It might not be much of an achievement to some people, but I am happy either way.

Pornography made me see women in weird way which made me a shut in. I was jealous when my guy friends would have the confidence to speak up to girls and my anxiety would rise up to the roof during public speaking. Sports, exercising, movies, tv shows, music, books, and a fuck ton of stuffs did not hold their magic because porn was in their way.

I made the affirmative decision to fully quit porn and I believe the opposite of this somewhat mindset is what made a LOT of people relapse over the times. A lot of people hoped and gambled that their porn addiction would go away just by doing nothing like, not exercising, not socialize with friends and family, not making new habits, etc.. Which makes them stressed and made them feel hopeless. And in the end they relapsed.

So I would like to thank the book that somewhat made a reset to my life This book made me a smooth road, making me drive peacefully with no bumps of any kind(despite being the first day, which gives proof how porn is a fucking monster that have ruined lives). This book made me realize how porn messed me up. So please take my word for it, read the book and follow its instructions. Be optimistic that you are going to be free from the slavery of porn and enjoy life. If this book would not work I would have relapsed after finishing the book. Good luck, you are precious.

This will be my public Journal. I will make threads and you can comment if you want.


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I get what you're saying about seeing women in a weird way, been noticing that the past few years myself but never actually making the connection. The anxiety and inability to relate to most activities or see any fun in anything - eerily familiar to me.

The way you're writing, it seems to me like you've got the tools you need to put this behind you for good.