158 days without porn and first successful sex in my life


Hi peeps,
Started my hard-mode reboot by joining this forum back in Oct' 21 and since then it's been a hell of a journey.
I had hit an abyss after multiple failures at sex and making love in general and could only get off to porn. Embarassed myself on multiple occasions, lost girlfriends and had lost all hope about having a healthy sex life.
That's when I came across this forum and the YBOP book which gave me a whole new perspective and the will to do something I never could, earlier.
I've been on a hard-mode reboot (No PMO) since October and was able to have my first real sexual encounter albeit real quick 😋, last week.
Although I still have lots to improve having lived only on porn for 13 years of my life, i see this as a major step towards achieving my goals.
I am yet to get consistent MWs and 100% erections during intimacy but I'm in the right track and have full faith in myself.
I sincerely want to thank Gabe and the rest of the stalwarts here for addressing a less talked about and yet such a pervasive issue and giving me a new perspective about life from a point where I thought there was no return.
To the ones, still questioning the validity of this exercise, this is yet another testimonial from a sufferer, and believe me, this works. I have done nothing apart from a reboot (no exercising or trying to change my lifestyle) and yet still I've seen massive improvements in my sex life. Its an immensely powerful exercise and if carried out diligently is bound to give you results. Have faith, and stay strong.
Would be happy to take any queries. Cheers. 🍻