90 days without porn today!

Well, I did it. I reached 90 days without masturbating to pornography. It was really hard at the start but got progressively easier and now I don’t even think about or desire to watch porn.

i wouldn’t say it’s completely changed me, but I do find some of the noise in my head around sex has been quieted quite a bit. My bisexual tendencies have also gone down, which could be a sign that at least some of the same sex attraction I had was influenced from porn. On the other hand, my interest in kink remains just as strong as before.


Congrats for your journey, reboot_8716. Thanks for sharing your story.

Regarding kink stuff, when I was consuming P, I had some tendencies to look a this kind of content, and it's a bit hard for me to open up on this regard. But let's do it...

So, I would say kink content is still a consequence of escalation we have when we are dived in the addiction. I say this 'cause in normal conditions of temperature and pressure, sex is an act of love, and not of the stuff kink try to implant in our mind. Sex is an exchange of love between you and your partner, and as long as I know, kink does not involve it. And I'm only saying it because I know what is kink about, and I never found it healthy for the mind neither for the body, neither for a relationship.

Pornography's industry sells us the image girls are liking to make some very strange (to not say other words), and because of the fact we as human beings learn much more from what we see being done, our brains understand it's normal and even healthy, but it's not.

Well, I'm not trying to say what you should do with your life, but as we are in a PMO Forum, and as me myself suffer/suffered from a similar stuff as yours, I'm only sharing a standpoint regarding this subjetc...

Anyway, most important is to stay free from PMO, and this a huge improvement in our lives.

I hope you're doing well. Take care.