Is there a HEALTHY masturbation now? 🤔


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Hi all!

First of all, I'm an porn addict with PIED, clean for almost a year, in a happy relationship, no PMO or even MO for said almost a year. PIED is getting better, though I'm on pills.

We've all been in the moment of test, when we were tempted but did not give in and did not fap to porn. But sometimes I wonder if, in our situation, is there a healthy way to masturbate?

No porn, no wild fantasies, just getting to know our bodies.

I've been reading about slow sex trend lately and it works amazing, but some practices encourage you to practice solo sex, touch yourself, learn what you like etc. And I know that this can be a slippery slope, but I wanted to ask you all, especially @Gabe Deem , do you think that with my/our situation ANY masturbation or any form of self love (I try to reverse the narrative here) is a bad thing?

What do you all think?

I'd love it to be a discussion, not an advice thread :)
I wonder if, in our situation, is there a healthy way to masturbate?

Of course! My thinking is clear: masturbation is not the enemy - porn is the enemy. I would think a healthy way to masturbate is with no artificial stimulation, just using your imagination and enjoying the feeling. Let's be honest: it's fun and it feels good. :)

However, if the urge to masturbate is born out of stress or anxiety or porn fantasies, then it's unhealthy.