Almost 100%! - Day 150 and MY ADVICE

I was just posting because the past few days have been massive in terms of results for me. I wanted to make a post for people to see my progress.
When I was younger I mostly stayed away from porn for religious reasons. I was always INCREDIBLY horny though, and often woke up in the middle of the night licking my pillow w/ a massive erection if I didn’t M that night. I was absolutely obsessed with everything sex related.
When the lockdown first hit I dove headfirst into it. I never knew negative effects could occur from porn use, and believed it would help me last longer and was simply a fun way to spend time. I purposely gave myself about an hour to masturbate each day, and would O about 3-4 times a day. My libido had always been incredibly high prior to porn, and it was typical for me to M 2-3 times a day with no troubles. All of a sudden, after a surgery I had lost my libido, which I had first attributed to the surgery, and spent over a year ruling out all possibilities it could be something else with my health. I feel now that the anti-pain medicine is what made me realize how damaged my dopamine system was, so I got hit hard only then. I kept Oing 3 times a day though, thinking that porn was keeping my sex drive alive. My dick barely worked to my favorite videos, but I never escalated to harder genres.
When I found out that porn was the culprit I immediately stopped and NEVER returned because I always would’ve wanted to be having sex than watching P in the first place. I’m a virgin, and my reboot journey actually involved minimal “rewiring”, such as cuddling and sex. Instead, I exercised constantly, and “rewired” mostly by watching other beautiful girls at the gym, but pretty much never with an actual partner. I masturbated decently during my reboot (mostly large M breaks w/ stutters of multiple instances in-between), but personally I wouldn’t recommend doing so very frequently. Often, I would mistake MAJOR progress (such as being able to M with a massive, rock-hard boner) as a sign I could resume my typical, pre-porn masturbation schedule and put myself into a flatline that would last about 5 days and slowly get better. This only happened though when I O’d about 4 days in a row, however.
Even before I first gave up porn I was almost always in a flatline: i was very apathedic, never ever happy, completely nonexistent libido etc.
THE REBOOT ITSELF: when i found out porn was the issue I immediately cut it off and was filled with triumph after FINALLY finding what had caused my problems. The first 3 months-ish I was in an emotional flatline, which progressively got better through the next few months. When I first started, I decided to go to Lover’s Lane to buy myself a fleshlight (good for getting out of your comfort zone), and I M’d w/ a pathetic erection on the 12th day of giving up porn. Next I waited another 18 days before masturbating again, and this time my erection stayed up the entire session, but it was still pretty weak. After that I didn’t do a very good job at abstaining from it, and usually O’d between 1-5 (usually around 2/3) days. Later on I got pretty serious and decided to see how far I could last and ended up on day 17, but that entire time each day I could see my cock becoming progressively thicker, and fuller. Again, i masturbated about 4 days in a row, and put myself in another 5ish day flatline, but after that flatline ended, the same added thickness and fullness to my erections had returned.
I hadn’t M’d since then, and am around 20 days in. During that time, while my erections started becoming big again, I was invited to a party, to which I was slightly concerned about. I drank a decent amount of Hennessy and drunkenly made out with someone. I never had sex with them, and it was only kissing, but since that small make-out session alone, the thoughts of having sex have become incredibly intrusive again. My cock has been throbbing the entire past few days, and I’ve actually had to try hiding how big it was getting lmao. While that mini-makeout session really helped, I don’t think rewiring w/ cuddling and sex is as big of a deal as many people believe, since I saw many benefits prior, and we likely wouldn’t be Ming to P if our brain didn’t see P as the same as real life.
I’ve decided NOT to return to my regular, pre-pied, M schedule for a little bit longer so my brain can take time to get used to being horny all the time again. I believe that MASTURBATION IS VERY BENEFICIAL. I never used to use porn to masturbate, and was probably the horniest person on earth prior. In fact, there are many studies about how Masturbation can increase libido and prevent ED. However, you need to wait until your dopamine system is back and fully functional so that each orgasm is hitting your dopamine-damaged brain w/ an unnecessary excess of dopamine while you heal.
Other advice would be to take certain supplements to help you. There are supplements to help your hypothalumus, which takes a hit when u get addicted to P, fish oil, regular multivitamins, cdp choline, etc, ALL that help your brain. I would also recommend giving KB220Z a try, because it is an experimental neotropic that has studies on how it can increase dopamine sensitivity, and I used it, and it seemed to work. I also recommend learning a new hobby, in order to rewire your brain to LEARNING other skills, such as the things you are ACTUALLY passionate about. Finally, I also urge you that when you test your erections or try to masturbate that you use a LOT of lube, close your eyes and focus on how your dick feels when you stroke it, and how it gets bigger in your hand when you do so. Even recently, when I touch myself I can barely perform when I focus on size and hardness, but can get a WHOPPING erection that practically touches my nipple when I focus on the sensations.
While I still consider myself in the recovery phase, I’m confident I’ll be 100% cured in about a month if I continue to let my brain remember what’s it’s like to feel horny again. Final Notes: haven’t woke up to many erections, but have typically been able to get an erection in the morning if I thought hard enough about it. RECOVERY is somewhat linear, but moreso of a wobbly line that goes up instead of a straight line. Reduce activities that cause unnatural boosts in dopamine and consider establishing a screen-time for ur phone. Consider, like me, holding off on sex / sexual contact for a decently long amount of time so that you have something to fantasize about, or at the very least keep sexual contact minimal or more basic so your fantasies can be smaller, like kissing and cuddling, as opposed to always fantasizing about PIV hardcore stuff - i just find that getting deeply turned on by light stuff makes actual sexual stuff seem INCREDIBLY enticing. Sorry for the long post, and I will try to reply to messages :)
Edit: Forgot to Mention: one of the best ways to bring back your libido and CONSISTENTLY get rock hard after a decent amount of rebooting is to edge throughout the day without O. If you can do so then you train yourself to get used to having natural, full erections again, and it’s a MAJOR boost for confidence. It also boosts your libido because if you train yourself to want to edge throughout the day, then you mentally prepare yourself for any scenario where you might need it. Plus, it helps to train your erections because all the extra blood flow throughout the day will over time make your cock healthier and stronger. Good luck for all you rebooters, and remember that no matter how you feel you’re making progress every day!