Extreme Addiction, In Search of a Cure,April 14, 2022

This will be my diary, I apologize if I have any wrong words, because I am Brazilian.

I will tell a little of my story.

I started watching pornography when I was very young, I watched a lot of porn content daily, and that went on for years and years.

Then, I started to realize that I was extremely addicted and suffered the consequences, which were, pornographic thoughts with anyone, even family members, I felt like I was not in control of my mind, homosexual thoughts, (being that I am a heterosexual man) and many other bad things, the extreme I reached was consuming shemale pornographic content, because of addiction, I needed something more and more and stronger.

But today I am 90% cured of this disease, I have overcome several challenges on my journey, I always end up losing nofap around 30 days, but this time it will be different, I will be the rest of my life without porn!! !!!!!


It is brave of you to share your story, Lucas. I have also find myself yearning to watch more and more stronger content as my addiction progressed. I was in denial for more than a year and this affected my mentality, productivity and overall life quality. I hope we can get through these struggles together. Let's invest our time in learning useful skills and by the time we get free of addiction we would have achieved great things in our personal lives as well.