i need help


Well first thing first, this section is for Success Stories. You should post your question in the right section.


Well first thing first, this section is for Success Stories. You should post your question in the right section.
This is not the success stories section. It’s literally the general channel and the description says it’s a place to ask for help…
how can i stop watching porn please anyone with suggestions
Agrey, welcome. Hang in there. Make sure you find an accountability partner. There's info on this page about how to do so. Also, research as much as you can on this, things like hacking the habit loop, or something like that. Things I've done so far to help: If you're hiding you can't heal, own up to it so you don't have to sneak around for treatment (plus there's more accountability). Join a men's group specifically for this, look around for a local church. If you can also get a counselor to help you through this. Also, ignore negativity.
Just block access to it mate, like completely, if u have a laptop throw it away, if u have a phone here's a trick on how to block it
1.Download applock master from playstore( doesnt matter which applock u use, SO LONG AS IT HAS AN **DISABLE UNINSTALL** option)
2. Get into the app put a dummy password for now, it will prompt u for ur email incase u lose ur password, SKIP THAT, u must not have access to ur password at all cost
3. Go into the apps settings and disable *unlock app with fingerprint* and enable *prevent uninstalling*
*important* : problem is that even tho u put the disable installation option u can still uninstall it using ur phone's settings app. This is why we will lock that app using the AppLock master
*important 2* when u restart ur phone, the Applock will take some time before actually blocking access to the apps unless u put in the password and this take us to our 5th step
5. Change ur phone's password(keep ur fingerprint tho), but ur not the one whose going to change it, tell someone whom u trust to change it(someone u trust), this way if u rly wanna watch, u cant restart ur phone and quickly get into ur settings app and uninstall that app. Locking all doors of access.
6. Go back into the applock master and lock the settings App.
7. Put a LONG password of 1's and 0's that u ill forget, this way u cant access the settings app nor the applock anymore.
8. Enjoy, now when u have an urge, u can simply uninstall/disable ur browser app/whtvr has the stuff u wanna watch(as well as playstore cuz obv u can reinstall it afterwards if u dont), wait until the urge goes away, go ask the person who has the password to quickly reboot ur phone and put in the password, so that u can go into the settings app and uninstall the appLock and reinstall the browser or whtvr apps u uninstalled. After that u simply redo the process of downloading the app ect ect.
*important 3* playstore has an option where u can actually deactivate/uninstall apps from it, so disable it when u get an urge as well
Warning ur brain might trick u, so when u get an urge u gotta rush to blocking the apps, before things get worse and ur desires completely take over ur brain.
Note that if u have a computer u might wanna throw that away, UNLESS u actually work whnvr u use it, as i do, so i dont have to stress about watching it on pc.
It would also help if u actually stopped using socialmedia, i uninstalled Instagram , tbh i dont regret.

Also, get ur self a cat or a pigeon, that would stay with u when alone, so that u wouldn't feel alone which could be one of the reasons the urges get triggered.