Penis throbbing and losing erection


Hi folks,
I have been meaning to ask this for a while as I don’t understand this issue. When I’m in bed by myself, I like to lie on my stomach (prone position) and have sexual thoughts. That means my penis pressed against bed. This used to be best feeling when I had healthy libido but now after few seconds or a minute, while having sex thoughts, my penis starts throbbing and it does what it does during orgasm although there is no orgasm or secretion and it goes down. It will come back again with sexual thoughts but after few minutes. This also happens when I’m inside my woman’s vagina or if my penis is pressed against something. I want to ask if someone else feels the same thing? Is it by-product of PIED?
I used to enjoy my penis pressed against something when I had healthy libido and it will stay hard forever but now it throbs and goes down. It’s frustrating. I feel like if I have real healthy libido, this won’t happen but I’m not sure as I’m not there yet. Any insights would be appreciated.
P.S I’m 35 years old and 6 months porn free (seen some improvements but still struggling).
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