Do we have evidence from medical science that abstaining from solo sex (masturbation) for a lifetime is completely safe?


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Hello Reboot Nation,

I'm wondering if you know of any books that provide reassurance from medical science that going for many years without any solo sex (masturbation), or at least keeping it to an absolute minimum, is a safe practice that does not lead to any health complications.

Many physicians advise people of all ages to refrain from solo sex. I believe that refraining from solo sex must be good for our health, only because engaging in solo sex has been shown to be detrimental to our health according to author Matt Fradd's book The Porn Myth and Dr. Stuart Brody's 2010 article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Apparently, solo sex has negative health associations such as: more signs of depression, less of an ability to recover from erectile dysfunction, and more prostate abnormalities. I heard it said that a guy's prostate should be okay if he can have at least several wet dreams (nocturnal emissions) per year.

I have not yet heard of any official medical studies which confirm that refraining from solo sex (as much as possible) for a whole lifetime is totally safe and does not lead to any health issues. I'm sure it would cost money to subsidize studies of this nature. Of course, the pornography industry is a multi-billion-dollar-a-year industry. Sure would be nice if even an extremely small portion of the billions of dollars given by society to pornography could be used to explore whether life without solo sex is a perfectly safe practice. I bet a study along these lines would save plenty of people, including kids, from a lot of shame, regret, wasted time, and health issues.

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Thai is not bad idea you can live without solo sex this is give you a powerful mind body soul and sex life
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The first thing that occurs to me is that to find out to a scientific level of proof would require several studies, including at least one lifelong study. Since rebooting is new to science, this clearly hasn't been done yet. If one started tomorrow, we'd have to wait 70 years for the results because it would have to be lifelong. This is why you won't get it from the studies anytime soon, or soon enough to be of any use to you.

What I would say is that here in the UK, doctors and sexual health advisors are now mostly clued up to rebooting and PISD and such like. Therefore, I recommend you talk to a local sexual health doctor. First, establish that he knows about rebooting. If he does, just discuss lifelong abstinence from fapping with him. I think this is as well as you can solve the problem.