masturbation slowing down my process?!


So im really considering dropping masturbation entirely.  Im close to a month in with no internet porn yet I find myself masturbating to girls that send me pictures and past sexual experiences. What is the best way to just stop masturbation cold turkey?


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The best way to stop masturbation is to just stop it.
No other ways around it, no tricks.
Just grit your teeth through sleepless nights
and battle your urges till the morning sun rises.
This was my approach, and after a week of no masturbation, the urges subsided and it's become bearable.
Just a week of extreme patience and you'll feel the difference.
But of course, you have to intentionally avoid all images of girls during this time and until reboot is complete.


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I guess there is one "trick" you could use.
and that is to time it smart.
If you have something scheduled that will prevent yourself from masturbation
for an extended amount of time in the near future (like a big surgery, travelling plans and etc.),
than that is your chance to stop, because you've just earned a few days of "freebies"
where you're too busy to even think about girls.

hope that helps.