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Day 7

Alright! Feeling proud to make it this far. 🙂 No big issues this week either, aside from the occasional moment of slight temptation. Gonna set up some filtering software soon for extra measures. Feels good to do that proactively rather than reactively, feels healthier and more likely to actually help. 🙂 Next goal, 2 weeks!


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Day 8

Minor urges today, just something to be aware of. Read back through my journal a bit today and was encouraged by how well I was doing 2 years ago. I've made so much progress over 5 years ago, even if I've slidden back a bit in the last months.

achilles heel

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Congratulations on three weeks! :)

I can very much relate to the search of replacements you’re going through and you have to say “No!”. I had the Wikipedia app without restrictions on my phone and even there you can find explicit content. Our own addicted brain tricks us into all kinds of “That’s not porn, take a short look at it and feel the relief!”-situations.

And as you hesitate about restrictions: Maybe more restrictions will help you in the beginning as building a streak is like planting a tree: With more time and growth comes more resistance, but the first weeks are just about survival.

Keep going, you’re ready to be free!