Quide to Quit Porn Addiction


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Thanks for reading this article. I wish all of you wonderful fighters the best of luck in your Journey. The first thing you have to do is believe in yourself that you can quit PMO successfully. Find the courage in the challenge, You're more capable than you imagined.


1️⃣ Remind yourself of the childhood memories before you fall into PMO - Were you happy, confident, and enthusiastic with full energy about your life that everything was going smoothly? You can regain that by Stopping doing it and Rebuilding your life. Keep Fighting, Stay Ambitious and be Grateful for the blessings from past to present. You Got this ✅

2️⃣ Change the mindset toward Porn and Women. Porn is fake, that is the opposite of the reality. Real men treat women with love, dignity, and respect they deserve; just as we wouldn't sexualize our mothers to be sex objects. Being in a relationship isn't just about having Sex or Sexual Gratification, which is also about love, commitment, and trust with a monogamous partner.
🔰🔰 Be a Man 🦸🏻‍♂️ of Integrity 🔰🔰

3️⃣ Realize its Negative Impact of constant PMO behavior. Think about the consequences of keep doing it and long-term benefits after quitting. If you consider this as a **"Pleasure**", then why do PMO bring you pain, regret and all sorts of problems? Keep your mind off the lustful thoughts, Originally, all things are pure - including our own mind.

Even if you still wanted to do PMO, your mentality should be "I'm quitting this for good", "PMO is boring, incurious and unappealing to me", In other words- Rewire your brain that Porn is NOT an Option for you anymore

(Some examples of its Negative Impact ⬇️ )

💥Jeopardize your health (both mentally and physically)

💥Unfortunate incidents

💥 Fuel the cycle of anxiety, depression, and loneliness

💥Irresolute and Unconfident personality with low self-esteem

💥Interpersonal & Family conflicts

💥Adverse effects on love, study, careers, and relationships

After the epiphany of its seriousness, Always Stay Vigilant and bear in mind what consequences would've happened should you indulge in Porn again.

🔶️ Save Anti-Porn articles & videos that you find helpful and read them from time to time with a serious attitude could be a Reminder to prevent from falling into the addiction again.🔶️

4️⃣ Overcome failure. Setbacks do not define you as a person and your future. Take the opportunity to do some self-reflection for growing. If you relapsed, Analyze and mark down the reasons by asking "why" did this happen, and "what" can I do to prevent it next time

Avoid letting your negative thoughts and emotions interfere with yourself, which has no positive effect on successful rebooting. Stay your composure, sum up the experience and keep moving forward.

🔥 Failure isn't about beating yourself up for the mistakes, it's the resolve to do better next time🤺🔥

"Facing it ➡️ Accepting it ➡️ Solving it ➡️ Moving forward"

5️⃣ Keep your record. Setting goals and achieving the targets gradually ( for example, 15 days ---> 30 days ----> 60 days ---> 90 days..... and award yourself with something such as a good meal as motivation once you reached certain goals to encourage yourself to go further) Reminder: Despite the number of days you have accomplished, Stay modest about your achievements and Do Not let your guard down.

6️⃣ Identify and Avoid Triggers

🛡 Delete all Pornographic Files 🔞 (Instal Porn Blocker, without you knowing the password.)

🛡 Don't Think/Talk/Fantasize Porn, it will likely lead you to masturbate

🛡 Beware of arousing contents from medias such as TikTok/IG/FB/dramas/movies

🛡 Avoid glancing at girls who wear little clothing on the streets.

🛡 Understand that venting your anger, frustration, anxiety or any negative emotions on Porn and Masturbation would only worsen the situation instead of fixing the problems.

7️⃣ Be Patient and Determined and then be Persistent. Don't let anybody tell you that you can't do something. You definitely can! Some people may feel angry, frustrated, and gloomy due to slow progress. Please remember that recovery takes time. Let’s hope for the best, learn from the mistakes and focus on the goals you want to achieve from now on. 🤟🏻

8️⃣ How to get your mind off from Porn when feeling Horny?

🔺️ Shift Your Attention Right Away until Urges are gone 🔺️

⬇️ Some suggestions for reference ⬇️

🔹️Don't Stay Alone, especially in your bedroom, take a deep breath, and go for a walk where people can look at what you are doing (shopping mall, library, park, etc)

🔹️Don't lie down in bed unless you're sleeping or resting

🔹️Skeleton/Skull Diversion. Whenever Porn images appear in minds, Imagine/google the pictures of Skull or Skeleton to lower your lust.

🔹️Sing an Inspiring Song loudly (You raise me up, etc)

🔹️Tidy up your house

🔹️Picture the awful feeling after you masturbated and think about why you started the Journey in the first place

🔹️Use a cold tower to cover your genitals

🔹️ Cold Showers for lower body

🔹️ Timely empty your urine and faeces

🔹️100-meter dash 🔹️ Doing Push-Up

9️⃣ Reasons and Solutions to Wet Dreams :

♻️ Mind: Daydream of Porn images, Browsing pornographic websites, etc

⭐ Solutions: Strictly abstain from thinking and browsing Pornographic websites or arousing contents.

♻️ Body: Physical Fatigue, Excessive Exercise, Sedentary Lifestyle,

⭐ Solutions: Don't get exhausted, Exercise moderately

♻️ Diet: Drinking Alcohol, Eating too much meat and spicy food, especially at night, will lead to heating in the body

⭐ Solutions: Balanced diet, even if the food that nourishes the body should not be eaten excessively, otherwise it will have the opposite effect.

♻️ Sleep: Staying up late, Sleeping Naked, Sleeping on the back/stomach, Quilt is too warm, Thick Blanket, Holding Pee before sleep

♻️ Clothing: Tight Underpants, Tight pajamas

⭐ Solutions: Sleep on your right side, Wearing Loose briefs and pajamas whilst sleeping, Early to Bed, Early to Rise

♻️ Emotions: Anxious, Angry, Overthinking

⭐ Solutions: Stay Positive Energy, Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Use the word “but” to overcome negative self–talk. (E.x. I may not be recovered yet, BUT I could be more healthy a few months from now)

1️⃣0️⃣ A healthy lifestyle speeds up the recovery of the body.

Some suggestions for reference:

🔸️Healthy Eating 🍎🥩🥦 - Balanced diet - "Healthy Eating Food Pyramid"

🔸️Sleep & Wake up on time ⏰ yet don't stay up late ⚠️ with a scheduled timetable 🗓

➡️ Start each day with Joy 😊 and Enthusiasm 🌄

🔸️Light exercises such as jogging 🏃🏻‍♂️, taking a walk🚶🏻‍♂️

▪️Sweating too much may hinder the recovery whose body is physically weak

▪️When your body is getting better then you may consider doing Calisthenics exercises such as Planks, Push-Ups, sit-ups, etc

🔸️Listen to music that you feel relaxed and enjoyable🎵

🔸️Stay Positive Energy 😎

🔸️Smile everyday 😃

🔸️Mindfulness Meditation 🧘🏻‍♂️

🌞 Picture the feeling that you have successfully quitted PMO and that your body is in full recovery. You'll feel energized 🏄🏻‍♂️ and terrific with a positive, pleasant, and outgoing personality 🙆🏻‍♂️, coupled with a pleasing and handsome appearance. 👨🏻‍💼 - and Countless benefits!

Ultimately you can live a more Satisfying life and realize Quitting Pornography was the best and smartest decision you ever made!

Change from your heart ♥️ and Action Now! 💪🏻

🌟 No Porn, No Masturbation, No Orgasm (No PMO) 🌟