Starting my Journey


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Dear members,
Hope all are well.

Recently I've been noticing Premature Ejaculations wether I'm with a girl or masturbating by myself. Even if i try to reboot, i might end up watching some videos on how to cure PE and that would lead me to practice things like "Edging" etc. I have tried edging and I have gone for hours successfully, but that has always got me to imagine about pornography or has led me to watch porn over again.

I am glad that I have found rebootnation as I've also read a few success stories of Premature Ejaculations. I believe we all can get rid of this habit together and get over issues like Erectile Dysfunction and Premature ejaculations.

From today, I've decided to block all the sites possible and I'm going to focus more on fitness.

Guys, I would appreciate if y'all can help my commenting some success stories of PE that would be really motivating for me and others who are currently facing the same issues.


that is great to know your mistakes and learn from them . keep going . just dont forget that it is a habit and you have substitute it by another one and get rid of all cues