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Hey all,

Few things struck me about being "ahead of the curve" on porn. Started when I was 13, got internet early.  Thought i would grow out of it. Now 35.
Tried a few times through religion to stop porn and mastrubation but only got as far as 1 mth once or twice.
Need to admit that I have an addiction and try to starve off this.

Started 3 days ago but succumbed today. So here goes again. Wish me luck.

Welcome, you definitely can starve off p addiction, being aware of the addiction is crucial, because it helps attack those thoughts that try to rationalise p use. My relapses mostly happened because I forgot/ behaved as thought I was not an addict.

Journal, post, use yourbrainonporn and hopefully you will see desired results.
Congratulations on starting a journal! I believe honesty sets us free. We see through our own justifications and B.S. and thoughts that convince us we need to use.