Labor omnia vincit


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5 Days no PMO
5 Day no MO
4 Days Digital Minimalism
5,5 Deep Work Hours
40 Min Trail Running

5 am wakeup

Study Session at home in the morning - workout before lunch - study session at library in the afternoon. I am a bit mad at the afternoon session. Starting to study for this new module is chaotic - huge volume and no clear starting point. I want to work with a working study plan one time - I often try, but the amount of stuff to learn is to big, which lead to abandoning my plan.

This module I don't want to survive, I want to thrive - and I guess its normal to get a good overview of the topics at first. I am starting early, so its fine.

No problematic reboot thoughts. I am super busy, pushing hard. This evening is again pretty late - but I want to set time for reading and downtime.


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6 Days no PMO
6 Day no MO
0 Days Digital Minimalism -
In the afternoon I watched some YT Videos to escape learning
4 Deep Work Hours
30 Min Cycling
1,25 h Gym Strength

5 am wakeup

Long day again. Couldn't affort to make an earlier stop. Today I collected data on the workload of the next few months and the topics for the exam - now there is aleady panic in me. But good. I break down the numbers. I made a beginning of a study plan. I think a plan will keep me knowing if I progress fast enough or not.

In the afternoon I felt some kind of urge - because I was lost and overwhelmed with the huge amount of topics to study. But I managed it with a responsive entry (see Metascript Method - Mark Queppet).

Training before lunchbreak was exhausting. Looking forward for the rest day tomorrow.

Am pissed about how much time I lost during this day - here a few minutes, there a few - but they sum up to a lot. If I want to put out and perform great on the coming semester I really need to be stricter and cut out on a lot of shallow stuff.

Now I have a short evening, but I try to fit in some relaxing time reading.


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7 Days no PMO
7 Day no MO
1 Days Digital Minimalism
3 Deep Work Hours
7:30 am Wake up

Had a bad night of sleep, because of the exhausting workout. My legs were sore as hell. Slept in until 7:30 am.
Today I managed the first trigger: I had to study anatomy and I really didn't want to. So I surfed the web - but I noticed it, vented in my voice recording app on the phone and then talked to me like a good friend and coach - it worked. I got out of the destructive thinking and attacked the topic.
Today also a friend of mine hat neuroanatomy oral exam - and there is one professor, who is absolutely horrible - when I had my anatomy oral exam we were 10 people in my group and this professor made all 10/10 fail. Today she was mild and served only 6/10 a zero points card... So, knowing the stuff is only part of the game - you also have to be lucky which prof. is taking your oral exam. I used the anger to focus on studying. Next wintersemester, when I redo my anatomy class I want to absolutly excel and take all their souls by being super prepared.

Whatever. Having sth. to focus on and a busy life, while still taking time to reflect in the morning and in the evening works good so far. I like it, and I make progress. Today only 3 h DW, because I had shallow work in the afternoon to do.


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8 Days no PMO
8 Day no MO
2 Days Digital Minimalism

3,25 h Deep Work Hours
4 h Work in the Lab

1 h Outdoor Muscle Endurance Workout
5 am Wake up

Feeling great! Have a lot of energy and after the workout and an ice cold shower I was super happy and laughing a lot.

Today I worked on my study plan again - and hell yeah, I did the maths: I summed up all the slides of the lectures, divided it by the days I have until the exam (minus 1 free day and 1 buffer day per week) - and therefore I know exactly what topics I have to study in which week and then I will fially get trough with all the stuff. Looking farward and I think, knowing a study goal each week will keep me on track better. Also I know, when I am finished then. But its going to be a tough scedule.

Working out really helps to feel better!


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10 Days no PMO
10 Day no MO
4 Days Digital Minimalism

1 h Deep Work Hours
8,5 h Work in the Lab

5 am Wake up

Allright! This morning I finished the 18 h a week study goal. It works a lot better, if I focus on the topics I want to get done and not only on the time I put in. I am happy with my performance this week.
I am currently still at the lab and I will do another 30 min study session, when I get home. This is just because I really hate studying after a long day - and to learn how to deal with this suck, I will do it. Just for training purposes. The moment will come this semester, when I need to up the study game a lot more! So I am training for that.

Reboot: Here and there a few critical moments, but self talk, written in my diary on the pc or via voice memo helped me always to stay on path. I feel good and I feel a sence of pride for this week.

The workout plan I started is diversified. So there is running, strength and muscle endurance work. I did the running on trails and the muscle endurance work on the rough forest ground (it was a core cycle) - getting dirty was a lot of fun, the cycle it self was a pain in the ass. General I try to keep the suck factor high and push myself. Because I think the main problem last semester was, not commiting fully, also with the reboot: I always was looking for realxation, for a little break, like "just watch a few Youtube Videos" or "its fun to skip this workout" "you studied enough" - and that put me in a place, where I was not satisfied with how I look, how I perform and how I show up every day. I developed quitting as an possible option - and this is a very dangerous and slippery slope for me.
So my training and studying these days is of course to perform well, but also to a big portion to train my mental ability to stay put to a task until it is finished, no matter how hard it is and how less I want to do it.

After the small study session this evening, I accomplished everything I wanted, for this week. A small 30 min run is sceduled for tomorrow, otherwise I think I might sleep in and read a lot and do some stretching, enjoy my free day.

Wish you all the best!


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11 Days no PMO
11 Day no MO

30 min basic endurance run
Sunday = Rest Day

Slept in, relaxed, went for a longer walk with a friend and did some chores.
I am feeling the sexual energy - some urges are there, but I can deal with them.

Finished my most important goals this week:
18,5 h Deep Work in Total
All Workouts of the workout plan done


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12 Days no PMO
12 Day no MO

0,5 h Deep Work Hours
8 h Work in the Lab

1,5 h Muscle Endurance Cycle

4:50 am Get Up Time

Digital Minimalism: I give it a zero - because at the lab I have to wait a lot for the machine to finish the sample, like 1 min intervalls and yeah I looked at the phone a lot today, but only whatsapp and podcasts... I think I should work an that too.

Tonight I had a super realistic dream of having sex, with a woman I had never seen before. I did a longer reflectation and journal session in the morning to deal with this - therefore my study time fell short.


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13 Days no PMO
13 Day no MO

1,5 h Deep Work Hours
8,75 h Work in the Lab

4:50 am Get Up Time

Finally finished my working contract in that lab. I did a great job there - and having accomplished it was good! But it was not a good idea to start a job besides the preclinic phase of med school. Therefore I am happy now, to be able to fully concentrate on my studies!


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14 Days no PMO
14 Day no MO

3,75 h Deep Work Hours
2 h University

60 Min Basic Endurance Trail Run (whilst snowing and cold weather -
looking forward to the day when I have a run planned and it rains like shit! Yeah! )

4:50 am Get Up Time

Today the new semester started - It was so awesome to see all my collegues agin!
Altough the coming semester is super tough we talked about different sport challenges and outdoor activitys we will plan.

One girl came up with an endurance hike that goes trough the night and covers 50 km and 2000 hm - I found an obstacle course run with 42 km and 1200 hm - its on the weekend after the semester closing exam, which is considered the toughest during the 6 year study program.
So I think: Will I have the time to study and train? It would be a great mental win and good to have a sports goal as well. Like - until I strated with the training 2 weeks ago I only did strength training and my endurance is really not that good - once I willed trough a 20 km OCR at snowy conditions, without a good time - but I got it done... Hmm. Might think about it, altough passing those exams first try is also a big goal - normally we have a 50 % fail rate in any exam, but these exams this semster they go up in that percentage! So - basically you are a stud, when you pass them the first time.


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0 Days no PMO
0 Day no MO

3 h Deep Work Hours
3 h University

4:50 am Get Up Time

Fucked up today.
Pattern: Yesterday: Coffee - sleep deprivation during the last few days, bad night of sleep. Normally I dont use caffeine, because I am super sensitive to it.

Then, this morning I was tired, and started procrastinating and then I MOed - later on I found some P and PMOed again.

Start day fighting full on
Take proper care of sleep and rest!

Altough I still went hard in the afternoon and reached my study goal. I rescedueled the training I had planned today and so I am sure to reach my weekly goals!

Fuck this shit!


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1 Days no PMO
1 Day no MO

2,5 h Deep Work Hours
4 h University

1 h Muscle Endurance Core Training

6:30 am Get Up Time

My flatmate is back - and she always sleeps in and stays up late - so at 1 am she was noisy and I woke up and couldn't fall back asleep. I read a lot this night and could find some sleep around 3 am. I will try the next few days to regulate my get up time with the time I go to bed - the earlier I go, the earlier I get up - but if I need more sleep, I can sleep longer.

The thing is sleep is very important to study intensively, so I really need good sleep.
Been busy the whole day.
Enjoyed visiting the lecture.


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2 Days no PMO
2 Day no MO

3 h 20 Min Deep Work Hours
30 km MTB Ride with friends
6:00 am Get Up Time
- without alarm

MTB-Ride was a lot of fun! I also faced some fears going downhill on the trails. And I was very happy about my endurance uphill. I have been working on my endurance for 2 weeks now, and I already see huge improvements. Thats awesome!

Rebootwise no issues - I was busy :D

Sleeping a bit longer was the right decision. I ended up studying a lot later in the evening than I usually do - but its allright.
I also will study tomorrow too - and finish my 18 h Deep Work Week!


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3 Days no PMO
3 Day no MO

3 h 35 Min Deep Work Hours
9 km running:

  • 6,58 km, 38 min, avg. 5'49/km pace → 10 min slow warm up + 6x 3 min fast pace followed by 2 min slow pace
  • 2, 4 km normal running to my running circuit in the woods

6:45 am Get Up Time
- obviously needed more sleep after yesterdays mtb tour

Recap of this week:
  • 18 h 20 min Deep Work ( pure focused time, without breaks, I start the timer with each study session and track it in an excel)
    • Deep Work goal accomplished
  • 44 h 45 min Total Workload =Lab Work +Lectures at Uni + Deep Work + Shallow Work
  • 8 h 25 min working outWorkout Plan accomplished
  • 1 MO Relapse, 1 PMO Relapse
So, yes, I had a bad start in the day on wednesday and had 2 Relapses, but with both my important goals still finished, I am proud of myself!

Today I met up with my friends, we are a study group of 4 and we made plans for the next semester.
I am also happy to have finished my lab working obligations this week.
This week I had a free afternoon on saturday, but I could not affort a free day on sunday, because I messed up on the wednesday.

Looking forward for next week!


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Relapsed right now.

It was after a long day in uni. Came home - hungry and tired. I got down in front of the pc - surfed randomly the web - and got to the P.
But I was horny the whole day and yesterday also. Fuck.
And tomorrow I have a date planned and I wanted to show up with masculine energy and a few days on my streak. Not that I want to have sex or what ever, but I like the confidence I have on a longer streak.

Got up 5 am.
5,5 h Uni
1,5 h Deep Work
9,23 km run with a 6'12 avg. pace - basic endurance run for 57 min


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Got up 7 am.
2,5 h Uni
0 h Deep Work

@Androg Dude I am sorry! Thank you for your feedback every time! I let myself down and also you!

This night I went to bed early, just to be woken up by my flatmade again. She always sleeps in and gets active during the night - and now it was the second night. And when I wake up, I am energized and its hard for me to fall back asleep. So this night I couldnt find any sleep until 4:30 h in the morning. That sucked.
But I also MOed then in the night.
The morning was fucked up too - with another PMO relapse. It was a binge desaster in my opinion.

At lunch time I went to mensa and participated in the lecture afterwars, which was great. After that, I went home, ate sth and headed to the date. I think I still showed up pretty good. And she is super hot and intelligent! Whatever... I'd rather stay clean. Idk...

Alright - but all these things are no reasons to let myself down.


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1 Day no PMO
1 Day no MO

3,5 h Deep Work Hours
4 h Uni: Lectures

6:30 am Get Up Time

45 Min Cycling - 15,5 km

Around lunchtime I had an appointment at the embassy to get a new passport - so I rode the bike there, that was my workout for today.
I studied in the morning at home, but had to use also some time to prepare that appointment and look up the way.

After the canteen and the appointment I had lectures from 14:00 to 18:00 and afterwards hit the library till 19:45.
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0 Day no PMO
0 Day no MO

0 h Deep Work Hours
0 h Uni: Lectures

There is no way to sugercoat it. It's the typical rhythm I fight with since the start of my reboot in 2020: I get down a solid streak, slip and then fall back in these old habits. So what went wrong? I think I might be overworked a bit - I woke up this night at 1 am with a high pulse, stressed and couldn't find any rest. So I got up, altough I felt really hung over. I started studying without my morning routine (journaling and priming myself for a good day) - and then - I just went to porn. I allowed myself to slip.
The rest of the day: exactly 13 hous (!!) was lost in a Youtube, Series, Porn Binge. Something positive is, that I started some selftalk and said to myself: "Hey, there is no way out. You are just delaying all the work. You are making it harder. sI won't be satisfied with a fat and lazy me, so escaping in this hedonistic BS is not bringing me anywhere. Come on: You have done it thousand times - get up, shower, clean and shave."

That's what I did. I also did some chores and rearranged my bedroom this evening, so that my bed is a bit further away from the noises and my latmate...

Furthermore I have to take care of:
  • Sleeping Hygine: No work past 6 pm → give myself time to wind down and have
  • Get down the 18 h deep work until saturday evening → have one free day per week!