Difficulty Maintaining Erection

I used to watch porn and masturbate from 8-9 years. Now I noticed that I have a difficulty maintaining erection without physical stimulation. With continuous stimulation I am able to get erection and maintain it, but as I stop physical stimulation, within 15-20 seconds it starts losing. Is it due to continuous porn consumption, causing porn-induced ED. Will I be able to reboot it and recover completely and get my normal erection and able to maintain it. If yes, what to do, and how to get back my normal erections.


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within 15-20 seconds it starts losing.

Hello @will_recover :

Here's something that really caught my attention:

15 to 20 seconds to maintain an erection is a very good time. If the erection goes down it is because there is no arousal in the brain. However, watch out for faps. Be careful because too much masturbation makes us feel less sexual responsiveness. And if it is with pornography it will be worse.

Losing sexual desire, or the ability to become aroused because of pornography is a completely reversible condition and recovery is possible: How? Simple answer: Resting, or, what they call it in these forums: a reboot.

A reboot is nothing more than taking a big break of months (6 to 12 months) from all forms of sexual stimulation, including masturbation and intercourse. Preferably what they call the hard mode.

Over time, you are going to notice your libido improving.

Finally: What you mention about your erection for 20 seconds that then disappears, is to some extent a normal thing. I, for example, do not suffer from impotence, however, if I stop receiving any stimulus either visual or physical, my erection disappears, however, I do not consider this as erectile dysfunction.

I had PIED because I was addicted to pornography for a long time. However, I recovered. Unfortunately, I was never able to quit porn for good, but, today, despite some minor "relapses" into porn, PIED is mostly gone and my life is also much better, as I spend more time on other things.

Relax. You are in good health, and everything will get better in the future for you.

My final tip: Be careful what you will be reading in the next few weeks in these media. The goal is for you to be calm. The goal is for you in this forum to feel reassurance, not the opposite.

All the best to you.