Lost and Found


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"Successful people are only people that never gave up."

I have been addicted to P since I was 14 years old. I am very religious so I have been in and out of counseling provided by my church for a long time, but nothing has found long term success. I met my wife 3 years ago and we got married about 9 months ago. She has know about my struggle from the beginning and since we got hitched my motivation to quit has gone through the roof, but my real results have not matched my desire. I managed about 3 months clean recently but I slowly began lapsing and now I feel like I am out of control again. The worst bit is because of my recent success I feel like I can't tell anyone, so I am joining this forum.

There's no way to have a hard a fast rule for how long I have been away from porn because my shame makes me click out as soon as I click in, but its far to say that today I spent 2 hours rapidly clicking in and out of videos.

This is the 10 millionth day one, but I won't give up.