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I didn’t watch porn for about 3 months because of ED right now and it’s not really difficult but i have a question about a pocket pussy.

I have never used one before in my life. Is it good when u use a pocket pussy so your brain will get used to someting else than your hand. Or isn’t is good during a reboot because your brain will get used to something that isn’t a real person?


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Wooo, this is a good question. :D

During my last attempt at a reboot, I knew that I had to get my brain and dick away from death grip fapping in front of my computer. And so I bought a sex toy (commonly known as a pocket pussy). It was a weird thing to buy, but what the hell? Every woman that I've been with has owned a sex toy, so why not me?

I won't get into a lot of weirdo details, but the sex toy was a lot of fun, and although clearly no substitute for a real woman, it certainly helped me. Instead of the death grip fapping, I got used to - shall we say - better stimulation.

Trigger warning: ordering one of these things is best done through Amazon, since there are "brand name" pocket pussies out there endorsed by porn stars, and that's the last damn thing you want to see. ;)


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it could be beneficial to you, but as was said, looking for one online might get you into some provocative images so just be prepared to deal with that. ive used one before, because why not. but as with everything like this just dont overdo it and make yourself dependent on it.