Slow and Steady.


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So it's been a month plus and I haven't relapsed. I feel great. Although I get the urge sometimes to go back to masturbating but I resist it pretty much this days. I think the key is finding a new addiction to replace the old. My new addiction currently is talking to a girl I met lately... funny right? But she pretty much take my mind off things. Well I know she might not always be here forever but for now, everything feels pretty great.

I hope I can keep this up.

Recovery Will Come

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Congrats on over a month.. As long as you believe and want to be the best version of yourself you can definitely keep it up… Once we take back control of our mind we are unstoppable… Keep on trucking brother…


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Talking to a real girl is a GREAT way to get away from a P addiction! I don't call that an addiction - but working on building real relationships - which is after all something that P takes us away from. Keep it up!