Journal of my long journey


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yeah my man, there you go. this might be the best decision you ever make in your entire life.
good luck with your journey, and bon voyage.
Day 1 of pmo free

I’m pretty sure we all face little small triggers in our everyday life. And today I experienced some of those little triggers. But when I saw one of those triggers or thought of one of those triggers I would remind myself of what I’m trying to accomplish. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and sat there for a couples of seconds. Doing that today made me get through my first day of having no pmo. I was so exited to get through my first day with littles challenge but I know that this will get more challenging to do. But when I’m farther in I’m pretty sure I can build up sort of an amune system to this. Let’s just hope that I get through tomorrow as easy as I got through today. Hope y’all are also doing good in this journey.
Earlier today I gave in. I did not know what I was doing. There were way to many triggers on Google, YouTube and Tik Tok. But, I’m not beating myself up over it and I will continue to read Your brain on porn and I will continue the methods I used to get out of situations with triggers. I have cleaned up Tik Tok and Youtube so it’s not giving me content that may have triggers on them. I just hope I can continue this journey without letting myself down.
Day 1 of pmo free

I feel like the first day of pmo free is really easy to get through. The second day is a bit more challenging but if you get through the second day you start to get a hang of things. Well that’s how it has gone for me in the past. I am going to get through tomorrow so I can start getting the hang of things. When I have tried doing this in the past I did not have the l knowledge of what to do. But now after I have learned some things I feel like I can get through some more days. After this short journey I have been on so far I have been expressing my how I feel about this I have been felling really good about myself. I can just enshrine how it feels to be pmo free of this life I have. I can’t wait to get there. Hope y’all have a good morning, good afternoon or goodnight. Keep yourself safe and don’t give in.
Day 2 of pro free

So I am really proud of myself. I have gone a whole 2 days without thinking of doing pmo even the slightest. I am going to be extra careful tomorrow. Get some extra activities in that don’t involve the internet so I won’t see any triggers. That’s one of my tips of doing this. Just get offline for a while and do something else. Also I will keep my mind focused on other things. I know I will probably see some triggers tomorrow because they are very common to run into. But if I do run into one I will stop what I’m doing, close my eyes, take a couple of deep breaths and just get up and leave to go outside. I know I can get through tomorrow. I hope y’all have a good morning, good afternoon or a goodnight. Stay safe and don’t give in.
Day 3 of pmo free

Ok so I’m starting to get the hang of this. I had a good relaxing day and I did not think of P once. Just like today, tomorrow I'm going to keep my mind focused on other things. Im also going to not be on the internet that long of a time tomorrow. That really helps me when I need to think about good things. I don’t really have much to say after today but I know there will be more challenges in this, so I will always remember what I am fighting for, and that is enough motivation to keep on pushing. I know I can get through tomorrow. I hope y’all have a good morning, good afternoon or a good night. Stay safe and don’t give in. :)
Day 4 of pmo free

Today was a pretty good day I did not think of P much. Only twice, once when I was in the car. I did not have anything to do so my mind kind of wandered. But I remembered what I was doing and I put my mind to good thoughts and nothing happened after that. The second time I thought of P was at baseball. I was playing right field and nothing much ever happens there so my mind kind of just wandered. But I realized that I was doing something wrong so I put my mind to good thoughts again. But other that those two thing, my day was a pretty good day and I’m glad I got thru it. I won’t let those two incidents stop me or let them get control over my mind. I know I can get through tomorrow. I am going to be really careful and try to do things that will help me in the better. I hope y’all have a good morning, a good afternoon or a good night. Stay safe and don’t give in. :)
So today I woke up feeling pretty good. But I kept feeling tired. So I went on YouTube and I saw some triggers. I eventually just looked at some pics that i did not think were harmful. But looking at those “un harmful” pics led me to looking at really harmful pics. I did the mo later but I did not watch P. I’m pretty sure that this counts as a relapse. So for my next try I’m going to try to get 2 weeks done without pmo. I’m not mad with myself. Also today I asked myself a question I should never ask. “What if I do Pmo now and then I change later since I’m younger than people who still do it.” But if I have that mindset I’m never going to get this done. I will never ask myself that question again. Also I know that Mo gives dopamine. If anyone has other ways to get dopamine please tell me. It will help me do Mo a lot less. So I get a fresh start tomorrow I am going to change some things.


Working out is a great way to get dopamine :) ... and pursueing a relationship with a real girl of course.

Let me tell you too - I was a young guy once. If I could go back I'd tell that guy to freakin' stay away from porn. What a waste my 20s and 30s were in terms of hours spent on that instead on something useful when I was in my physical prime and still had great plasticity in my brain for learning things. Man - I could literally have learned another language and a musical instrument quite proficiently. That hurts to even think about.

Kid Gohan

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Yeah, that question is a trap. I once thought like that as a way to "manage" the addiction but it always slowly lead back to square one. I thugh I could have "safer alternatives" like Instagram and other social media forums, softcore NSFW images and whatever else I made myself believe was a good replacement.

Gym is definetly the best way to get dopamine, it takes a while to get used to but once youdo, youll thank yourself.

Theres this Youtuber I often watch and he's helped a lot with my self improvement

Hope this helps


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“What if I do Pmo now and then I change later since I’m younger than people who still do it.”
That is one of the worst traps to fall into. I've posted it before on other forums, so I'll share it again with you: I have struggled with a porn addiction for longer than you've been alive. It's crucial that you stop the addiction now while you're young.

I agree with Kid Gohan: regular exercise will help you out. Like a prescription drug, regular exercise might take some time to work, but I know I started feeling better about pretty much everything after a few weeks of going to the gym.