Time for a change, this is day 1


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Hi everyone, I’ve never looked for help with my porn addiction before, I guess I always believed i could beat it alone but I’ve come to the conclusion that isn’t the case. I’ve been a porn addict for most of my teen years and into my 20’s.

I wake up, won’t leave the bed until I watch porn, go about my day, go about my day at work, go home and the first thing isn’t to hang out with my family, it’s to go into my room and watch more porn, every single day.

I’m getting married early next year, I have an amazing fiancé and I know if I keep going down this path I’ll definitely destroy my relationship with her down the line. I’m tired of living like this, I hate myself for being this way, I’m tired. So tired of it. So angry. So ashamed. So guilty. It destroys me yet I can’t stop.
Anyway, this isn’t the end for me, I will beat this, I will become the person I know I can be. This is day 1


You can do it brother, stay strong on this journey. 💪

The next few days will be some of the most difficult, but stay the course and eventually you'll find within yourself a new man, a much better version of you.