Porn Reboot Day #0


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I have been struggling for about 10 years with Porn addiction. I am currently 27 years old and this past year I have seen the true effects of this addiction on my mind, body, and spirit. Over the past 10 years I have experienced erectile dysfunction from time to time, lack of focus, money wasted, and even have fought some depression. Today I have realized that I must fight back or I will literally be consumed by this addiction. I know this journey will not be easy, it may come with relapses, it may come with a loss of loved ones/friends, islolation, and it may often feel embarrassing. One thing I do know is there are others out there like me who are struggling with this addiction and are relying on individuals like me to tell my story for motivational purposes. Please comment on this post if you would like to be an accountability partner, I will message you. I also will be creating a Instagram Page documenting my journey and my recovery process.



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Welcome! I find that writing a regular journal entry really helps me. That already helps me be a lot more accountable to myself. There is also a special thread on this forum just to find a partner. A few people have recently posted there looking for someone - maybe someone you can connect with? Much strength and welcome!


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Welcome, Walt. This forum is a very valuable resource. You have a lot of caring guys here who have gone through the same problems and will have good advice and encouragement. Read as many threads on this forum as you can. Read as many articles about porn addiction as you can. If you haven't already, read Your Brain On Porn from cover to cover. Because knowledge is power. :)