Day 14 reboot

Thank you @Blondie , @FreedomFromTheStruggle_11 , and @jatinverma31 for the support.

Day 65. I feel like my flatline has gone and the real challenges have come.
These days my energy, focus and motivation definitely improved by a huge amount. But at the same time, my urges also have skyrocketed. Trying to manage.
Thank you again. you guys are great.
That sounds great! Make sure to channel that increased energy to activities that matter to you. Don't let it get drained to waste by giving up to urges. You're on the right path. Keep going.


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Stay strong @IamTrying. Those thoughts WILL pass. Think of them like watching something float by on a river. It's there in eyesight for a moment, but then disappears. Just breath and relax and know it will pass.

Best brother