Day 14 reboot


Day 92. I have not posted for a while. But I have kept being away from porn these days. It has been three months since I started the journey. Thank you for all of the support and encouragement. It means a lot.
Compared to three months ago. I feel so different now.
1, Energy is better. The first month is really tough. "lethargic:" is often mentioned in my daily post. But the energy just got better and better after that.
2, I have more emotions now and it is easy to connect with people, especially my loved ones.
3, I have more energy and motivation to do everything. including work, exercises, and social.
4, Last but not least, my PIED situation has improved a lot. Occasionally I was still bothered by it. But most of the time it is not a problem any more.


Just come back to report the progress.
I have not watched any porn for more than 200 days. Compared to my situation 200 days ago, my ED problem is gone. my sex drive has been better. And I have way more courage, confidence and drives to perform a variety of tasks and adventures.

Here is what I learned from my battle so far:
1, My girl friend helped me a lot. When I had ED problem during the start, I communicated my problem to her and she is really understanding and did not leave me. I appreciated that so much.

2, Friends from this forum really emotionally supported me. During those hard days. A simple "good job" from friends here meant a lot.

3, Sometimes when the urges were really high, I would just MO. And the urges of PMO would be gone. But I think this really depends individually. And I believe finding a partner is really important to solve the problem.

Anyway, the change from the free of porn is really something worthy of pursuing.