90 Days is just the beginning


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90 Days No PMO

Well I made it to the benchmark of 90 days and of course I’m proud of myself but I know this has to be a lifetime change.

I’ve masturbated (with or without porn) zero times during this time period. That is probably the biggest thing I’ve done different this time around. In previous attempts I’d masturbate if I got the urge. Each time would make me want to do it more and eventually porn was involved.

I had sex with my wife 32 times during this time period. My sensations were heightened and it felt more pleasurable and more intimate.

I had zero episodes of ED during the reboot. In past attempts where I continued to masturbate I continued to have ED and quite frankly couldn’t see any difference in ED whether I was looking at porn or I wasn’t.

I’m still taking ED pills but I plan on tapering off those as my reboot continues as well as losing weight and improving my health. In the past taking a Viagra was no guarantee that I wouldn’t get ED.

Finally I want to say that staying off social media especially Instagram has been very helpful. Sure I see beautiful women in real life and I might do the occasional double take. I might see a good looking woman on my routine internet surfing and look for a bit but I’m getting better and better at not lingering and catching myself when I do.

I’d also like to say is don’t over complicate or over dramatize this process. Don’t think of it as this big arduous journey and it won’t be. It’s really as simple as just not doing something.

I’m a Christian but I would also warn about not over spiritualizing the process. One thing I did early on was to ask for healing. I never prayed for strength to resist temptation I prayed to have all temptation taken away. That is the temptation to get off to pixels. A healthy libido for real women is normal but must be channeled properly.


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Thanks for the report! How long have been using ED pills? Does your wife know?
I’ve been using ED pills for years. My wife knows I’ve looked at porn in the past but she probably thinks it was a long time ago. Nothing big happened that triggered this reboot. I just decided it was time to change. She knows I use ED pills as well.


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Makes sense. I tried them a few times, but they reduce sensitivity quite a bit and it takes forever for me to orgasm. Do you use them 100% of the time or occasionally?


Congrats for your journey, discobolus. I hope you are doing well and building a new life free from PMO.

Take care.


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Update: I’m now at 101 days no PMO.

After a long streak of no ED I had a couple of episodes of ED. I just laughed it off and said we’d try again tomorrow. I used to put pressure on my wife to make me cum (I’d ask for a BJ or HJ claiming my ED was performance anxiety and I could relax with those) and that made her have negative associations with sex. I think what caused it was one of 2 things, either a new medication or too extreme of dieting. I’m not diabetic (yet) but I started taking Metformin for insulin resistance. My brother (who is diabetic) claims it causes him to have ED and he’s had friends tell him the same. So I stopped the Metformin.

Now that I have a good no PMO streak going it was time to tackle my next addiction, food. I cut my intake down to about 2100 calories for day and for a guy my size that’s nothing. I think the extreme calorie deficit might have caused the ED. My goal is to lose 30 pounds in the next 7 weeks and then I’m going to up my calories and start lifting again.

Anyway, a couple of nights ago I invited the wife to go skinny dipping in our pool after the kids were asleep and I think we re-enacted that scene from Showgirls. Don’t look it up if you don’t already know what I’m talking about. Well, we have neighbors so it wasn’t as loud. Anyway, everything worked just fine. If anything I’ve had DE when trying sex I’m the pool in the past but not this time.