I'll start this off by saying I scoffed at the idea of porn being the center of my problems with ED. How could it be? I've watched porn my whole life without any issues in my sexual endeavors. My girlfriend pointed this out as a possible issue for the sudden up-surge in my failures to achieve an erection and so of course I didn't listen. I got tests done for Diabetes and low T, tried medications, quit smoking cigarettes, took Red Ginseng pills, and a plethora of other attempts to resolve the issues. Nothing worked. And then feeling neglected and undesirable she had a look through my phone only to find a gold mine of secrets. If gold was perversion. Men always worry about our search histories and saved files after we die but I assure you having someone you love find it while you're alive is up there on the list of things I wouldn't wish on my greatest enemy.
Suffice to say I started taking PIED as a real thing as I began getting screenshots and photos of everything from searching actresses nude to visiting revenge porn sites, to saved images on my computer. Everything. I had come face to face with my skeletons coming from my closet when my girlfriend of three years began tossing them out into the open.
It's been two weeks for me now, and I just now got my first morning erection in I'm not sure how long. The relationship, however, is quite likely done as the lies and deceptions are too much for her to handle and have marred our relationship in such a way that it can not be salvaged. The urges aren't really there but I think that is largely on account of the shock of losing this relationship and the fact that there is an adult filter on my phone now. But we will see how it goes.
That's the start of my journey into repair and reboot.