Any advice would be appreciated

I've always wondered and ended up beating myself up as to why I'm unable to get past a week in my recovery journey. It always cone down to triggers such as stress and anxiety and normally are enhanced with a lack of sleep I've been encountering over the years and months. I can't quite remember the day I woke up feeling refreshed rather than sluggish.
Any advice on how I can get past through these days especially when you're most vulnerable as for me it's when I'm feeling tired or sleepy and end up using P just to get rid of stress and depression from P use.
It would be much appreciated

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Read up YBOP website. . Also I would personally suggest use of really strict blocking out of all electronic media atleast for the first few weeks (If you don't need to use too much). I personally need to use my internet devices a lot for studying but I have still blocked all of my internet except the few sites that I need. It has definitely been a nuisance sometimes but I keep my phone in the living room (in everyone's sight) if I ever need to use the internet for study purposes other than the unblocked websites on my laptop. You have to accept a little bit of trouble for it. That's the way I see it.