Where should I ask a question that might cause some people to relapse?


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It's the issue that always causes my relapses. I have a "devil's advocate" voice inside me that wants me to relapse and it always defeats me by asking a certain question I cannot answer. Where is the proper place to seek answers to that question where I won't cause other people to relapse by discussing it?
YOu can find it on nofap.com or this site or you just simply search on google by Quitting Porn. there are many of information you get there and how to overcome this. we got to do it, this is my first day quitting PMO. Keep the good spirit!
also you can look at this :
hello. you should check in every day and track your progress by having a journal on this site! come join the challenge made by people on Twitter and this site using #100DaysWithout PMO and try to substitute it with anything you like #100DaysofCode or #100DaysOfArt. You can find it on Twitter, it not only reduces your temptation to the PMO but also it can you get a new source of income especially if you try to join the code 100 days code challenge using freecodecamp.com