Let's do this

Day 4

Once again I cut out the tech today and it seems to be working so far. Generally spending less time on the internet is so far the way to go!

Minimal intrusive thoughts but I pushed through them by considering why I'm going down this PMO-free road.
Day 5

Minimal intrusive thoughts again today but I got through them! Instead of downplaying them like I did during my least streak, this time I tried to get them out of my had asap. It worked!

Cutting out the tech seems to be the way to go. I am now trying to only use my computer and phone when I absolutely need to. If those are where the problem is, then I can minimize their impact on my life.
Day 6 and 7

My life is so stressful right now. My brain has tried to convince me that PMOing to relieve the tension is a good idea. I'm not letting it have any of it.
I will continue to cut out tech as much as possible.

Even though my streak is only 1 week now, I have only done PMO twice in the last 23 days. Much better than my life before this.
Day 8

Life is stressful. The urges to PMO are really strong but I am getting through them. If anyone is reading this, how long have you found it to take before they get easier? I'm taking them more seriously than before as I have learned from my relapse before.