Are You the Hero or Dragon-food?

Phineas 808

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Porn addiction can be envisioned as a 9 headed hydra, such as Heracles had to fight as his 2nd labor. This isn't intended to inflate porn as an undefeatable larger than life force outside of ourselves, but to simply identify the multi-faceted nature of it as a defeatable beast. As we say, 'Know your enemy'- so it is here.

If we see pornography addiction as a 9 headed hydra, what would be its body? What would be its tail or heads?

The body of this addiction is shame, the tail is past traumas, and its “9 heads” (though it could have more or less) are:

1. Secretiveness
2. Narcissism
3. Escapism
4. Isolationism
5. Pride
6. Misogyny
7. Guilt
8. Mindlessness or ignorance
9. Faulty Beliefs

This shows the interconnectedness of the drivers of this addiction. But it is not some all-powerful force 'out there', but that which we've created in our minds through fautly beliefs and repetetive habits.

As the hero in this story, what would be our weapons and armor?

We need the sword of knowledge, the helmet of mindfulness or awareness, and the shield of method, planning or strategy.

Stand in your power, take the sword of knowledge- sharpen it by learning about this addiction, learn about yourself: know thyself. This is how you will cut off the heads of this hydra. Put on the helmet of mindfulness, be aware in the present moment. Be present in the 'now' moment of your life, not mindless in habit-land. And take as your shield whatever methodology works for your life. Those habits that you have in place to replace the unwanted habits, use habit to dismantle the bad habits. This shield may need to be altered and tweeked to best serve you, if this or that doesn't work, try something else- but above all, never ever give up the fight. You are, after all, the hero of this story.