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Hi everyone. I've finally made the decision to start a real reboot instead of just convincing myself I'll try to watch less porn (didn't even know rebooting was a thing). Bit of background, I started watching porn at around 11, interacting with other sexual chats etc in my teens (it's crazy to think about) and PMOing at around 17. I'm now 23 in a new and happy relationship with a man, I don't consider myself a porn addict as I wouldn't say I turn to it very frequently, however, the periods in which I do worry me, and I've tried to stop it for a couple years now.

I can orgasm with my partner but I have to fantasise during sex to reach it. This is something I've only seen mentioned once in an article and I wonder how frequent it is, or wether it is more frequent for women? I also definitely see myself going down the kink spiral, and seek more violent content each time. I am sure this has an effect on how turned on I get by the real sex I have, as although it isn't vanilla, we all know porn holds no link to reality.

Despite being in the first few months of my relationship, I notice my libido is not that high as I know it could be. I want to have an accelerated heart rate and lubricate just from my partner staring into my eyes. So today I'm starting my reboot, wish me luck!

PS: It's probably no use, but I would love to see some success stories from cis women. I love reading guys successfully getting erections and enjoying sex, but it does feel lonely that there's no female perspective


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Welcome, Lucy 18. If you don't consider yourself addicted to porn, that's great - be sure to keep it that way! :)

You have little to lose and a lot to gain by cutting porn out of your life completely.


Hi Lucy, I’m not sure if it’s taboo for a guy to be posting in here and if so I appologize but I am curious about something. Like you I don’t know if I’m addicted to porn so much as I was to edging and masturbation. I felt like over time my imagination was not enough and I had to turn to porn or chat rooms to attain the excitement enough to carry out my acts. While I didn’t suffer from ED I did need to fantasize during sex with my wife in order to climax and I even started to get resentful that she did not do all the dirty things I had seen in videos. One thing that I found made it increasingly easy to leave porn alone was to cut out masturbation from my life. It took some time and wasn’t the easiest thing to do but over time I was able to stop masturbating and I found my desire for porn really wasn’t there anymore. Even if I had friends that send me photos or videos I didn’t linger in watching them. I’d see what it was and delete the text before I viewed it.

my question for you is have your tried to stop masturbation? As for using your memory or imagination during sex my advice is to try and stay present in the act. Even if you don’t get off during that session. Just focus on your partner and how they are making you feel, that’s how I was able to get past having to visualize other things so I could finish.

anyway, I hope this helps and again, if I shouldn’t be posting here I apologize.


Hey Lucy, good to see I'm not the only woman on here:) I'm kinda struggling with it only and was curious how you are doing.