Tired of this, time to be better.


Day 26

Hey guys, I'm still here! I did not give up!

Like I said, I've been trying to not think about porn too much, still have relapses, still can't do a clean week, but my mind is getting better, little by little.

Well, what can I say... My parents almost got divorced, very freaking stressful shit. They're still together though.

I still MO a lot, even though I don't watch porn, it is still a Lose situation, because I only can do it using my imagination.

Working out has really helped replace the urge to "do something!" Felling. Instead of watching porn, my brain wants to do push ups or pull ups. That's really good, i think it means my brain is changing. Still got to work on my diet though.

If you guys have any suggestions to help me to get through ALL of this week clean, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Day 31

Hey guys, i'm back again.

Been doing great since the last post.
i've been more focused and i have more energy in my day!
I have reached my milestone! 1 week without Porn.
It feels pretty good. My mind is going back to normal, thanks God.
I have been looking at girls at a non sexual way now, something that was very hard to do when i watched porn everyday.
Now to the next milestone, 1 month.
tracking my progress here has been very useful to see my evolution, hope i can carry this streak!


Hi Roma, great job on what you've accomplished so far! Like others have said, it's awesome that you're doing this at a young age. I wouldn't worry too much about creating a perfect journal; the fact that you're creating one at all is worthy of respect.
I can relate to your feelings of being more mature than your peers, having realized that I'm generally more mature than most of my real-life friends. I try to view it in a positive light, by recognizing my ability to be a good influence on them.