My journey


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I want to summarize my experience with pornography
Only 6/7 years old
I had started playing some pornographic games
And that was interesting
I didn't masturbate
But just that stimulus got me interested in more and more

In a short time, I would say 1 or 2 years with these games
My life with so many changes made me stop playing these games (I only played them on weekends)
Now 9/10/11/12/13/14 years old
My stimulus came to be mainly done by my mind
And on specific occasions I would look for "bikini girls" to masturbate

I used masturbation a daily act because due to huge problems that arose in my life
The weight of my existential emptiness came
And with it it was necessary to cover with something
I used masturbation to seek pleasure after pleasure
Because only with her I could feel a minimum of well being (because my life was horrible)

14 years old
from a friend
I discovered pornography that was easily accessible on my cell phone and started enjoying it.
I was able to feed my addiction even more because I got excited more easily
At that time masturbation reached extreme levels reaching 16 masturbations a day

Since then I find myself tied to pornography
I managed at the beginning of last year to go 1 week without masturbation
And on rare occasions I got a few days

Today I realize that this disturbs my life a little
Taking my focus and my energy

Sometimes I think I'm not extremely addicted
When I read so many reports of people masturbating everywhere and at unusual times
I control a little better
But when I realized that this addiction, even if a little more controlled and that it still hasn't caused me huge damages
I want to prevent this addiction from spreading and ending up harming my life and a possible relationship.

I don't want at any time
That the girl I'm dating
Get hurt that I can't get rid of a stupid addiction
I want to have a relationship with a person for whom I can give all the happiness in the world
Love with all my strength
And this addiction will only get in the way

If you, the reader, have followed me so far
I mean my plan
And if you want to say if you think it's good or not, tell me

I started nofap on the 1st of this month
And I intend to be without PMO for 30 days
To end nofap september

But I intend to masturbate again after 30 days
only without pornography

I've seen some people talking about the reboot that would be in the PMO for 90 days

But I don't want to be unreal with myself and put in numbers I'm not likely to reach
And I can be very frustrated if I don't get where I want

So far I think of 30 days without porn, masturbation and orgasms
To then continue with masturbation (in a controlled way) and without pornography

But I still haven't decided

What do you think?


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Welcome, Caesar. This forum will help you out a lot. My message to you is the advice I give to every young man: it's very important that you stop the addiction now when you're young. Otherwise, it's going to continue to be a negative presence in your life for many, many years. Many men on this forum are twice your age and older and have been struggling with a porn addiction for decades. That's how bad this can get! Your plan sounds good - I wish you the best of luck.