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Yeah, I can agree with that. I think my ideal relationship would be where all my kinks would be fullfilled, but where you are still equals. And while I do think that's possible, I also think that there are a lot of guys that could sexually fullfil me, but not in relationship. Perhaps I should become a bit more balanced again myself too. I guess that would make things a lot easier.

And I'm not sure wether or not I am actually addicted. I think I just use porn a lot and sometimes do so for the wrong reasons.
Since quitting porn do you also recognize improvements in your mental health? Do you feel more motivation?


Day 8: more than a week without porn. I have to say I actually feel good about it. At first I mainly saw it as a burden, but now I start to see it as an accomplishment:) It's still a bit confusing though.
I just realized that we're on the same day count. Let's keep it that way by never going back to that poison 😄


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That’s great, congratulations on passing that first week! It’s good that you had that change in how you feel about it, I think taking some time away from porn might let us see how we really feel about it.


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Hi @MissDark - not corresponded before. I promise not to pass judgment. I have a friend (I am 60, he’s 58) and I told him I was 6 months sober from porn. I knew he watched a lot. He said “I wouldn’t dream of stopping”. I said I understood but just wanted him to know that I was in a better place MYSELF. I guess that’s my point. I think you have to want to see if what you change into is better. If you do, that’s your impetus. If you’re not sure, then at least be curious. If I sound patronising or judgmental I don’t wish to.

Good luck and if you choose to give up you have my full support.


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Day 1: It was kind of stupid. Went to the gym wednesday, got into a chat with two guys, chatting turned to flirting, flirting turned to sexual comments, they asked me if I was up for some fun and so I went home with them. I really don't have a problem with that, but I called in sick from work yesterday because I wasn't 'done' yet which I probably shouldn't have done. Then yesterday afternoon I had this massive urge to watch porn. Perhaps I was still horny because of the night and morning before, perhaps I did feel a bit bad for calling in sick or perhaps it was just built up tension. I don't know, but I spent a couple of hours during the afternoon and evening watching porn. I don't feel necessarily bad about watching porn, but I felt kinda proud for having gone without porn for over a week. I guess part of me is dissappointed. I guess I'm just not sure yet if not watching porn is such a benefit to my life. I understand that I shouldn't do it when I feel bad, but most of the time I just watch it for my own entertainment. I just don't know.
Agree with GBS. You have to decide yourself if porn is something you want in your life or not. Its like fast food. It sure as hell tastes good in the short term...

In case you start a new run, keep us updated, you got this 💪


By "Primal", are you referring to Primal Astrology? After spending like 20 seconds in a search engine that's my best guess. This journal just got even more interesting

Good luck with your date! He sounds like he might be ideal for you

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I've decided that perhaps this is not the place for me. I had a long thought about it and have decided that there are more important things to work on right now than quitting porn. Porn has never been the kind of problem to me it has been to most people on here. Thanks everyone for the input. I wish you all good luck on your journeys and don't be too hard on yourselves;)