Trying again


I am 31 days free from porn, but am on my first day of no MO.
From past experience MO will lead back to porn and I can feel I really need to stop now or slip back. Quitting PMO is harder than I expected and I understand it is not something that can be done by self will


Sorry, I sent that last message early by mistake.
I realise I need support from others if I am to get free but I have been such an island in my life, I don’t share my inner self with people and I don’t let people in. I am in such a habit of not talking to people and I know it’s really bad for me.
I’m in counselling which helps but I am also looking at attending some support groups (not SA but I e considered it). I’m so tired of doing it alone. I have high functioning autism and I’ve found life can be stressful and challenging. While I’m mostly happy I really want my freedom from this horrible addiction.

wish me luck 🍀👍


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@Qwertyxyz being aware is the most important first step. Moving forward it is about following through.

Your words already hold all the answers that you need. Go forward with confidence. Ask and you shall receive.

Take care
I can relate to your island comment. Feel the same way. It will get easier the further you get away from porn. Notice I said easier, in the beginning it’s any thing but easy. Hang in there and keep posting. One small step at a time will move you forward. It’s the slips and falls that hurt the most. Keep researching and try to understand why your like this that’s what helps me the most.