I am back


Same here, WestCoast - I remember you from back in the day (2014 or so)! Got rid of PIED waaaaay back in March 2015 after I moved in with my girlfriend after a very stressful 3-month period and thought I was in the clear. That lasted about a week or two and then I reverted back to PMO and since then I've been getting by with Viagra. Eventually ended up marrying my girlfriend, who is awesome in so many ways, but after a few ups and downs (got recently diagnosed with ADHD), she's moving out on me and we're separated, so yeah, not good times.

Silver lining is I'm two days short of 90 days no PMO and currently 12 days with no M or O. I've M'd a few times (4 times or once every 3 weeks approximately) but libido is still pretty low. Morning wood comes and goes and still don't feel enough life down there to say I've made great strides but I'm meditating, doing behavioural therapy as well as medication for the ADHD (Vyvanse that increases dopamine and epinephrine as mine are very low it appears), exercising, eating much better, and journalling.

I'm 53 and been struggling with PIED for 31 years but I have hope! Somehow I made it by but now realize all the things I've lost and sacrificed just cause I took the easy road and didn't tackle this issue properly, especially when I first found out about it from watching one of Gabe's videos back in April 2014, who is just super for all he does for people like us. Never take PMO lightly or for granted as we're very vulnerable and may be for the long term.

Maybe I'll start back here while I continue my recovery. Wish you all the very best in your journeys - you can do it (and stick with it) if it matters enough...


Sorry to hear about the relationship. But congratulations on sorting out your porn issue.