my journey, 25, male, PMO since ~11, 100% ED, done with this shit forever, it did enough harm


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Day 95

Not being able to restore my libido to vanilla sex is my biggest fear in life currently.

I know, there are always things that are worse. But for me right now, not being able to restore my vanilla taste or better say to develope these, is a big fear. I dont know if i will be able to hold a women in my life if i can not have sex with her or dont find her arousing.

I am already 26, my brain is not the same anymore like when i was a teenager. It developed. Brains are less plastic with time. I hope its not too late.
hope i can get back the sensitivity.

There is no looking back. Lets keep going.


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I know it's nerve-wracking, but it's far too soon to be concerned. I think Gabe needed 9 months before he could even ejaculate without porn. Full recovery took even longer. So relax. You'll be fine. Trust your body/brain's timing. It's still healing.
Thank you Androg. Your words do a lot. Your right, These 90 days have already done things so why shouldn't there be more healing with more time. ill keep the faith


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Day 103

fully deleted Instagram, Twitter, linked in, facebook etc. I open these 150 times a day on my phone wasting time and dopamin for useless updates or no updates at all.

I log into this now 1 time a day in the evening on my PC. more than enough to see whats new.

Only thing i want to keep on my phone is productive stuff like calender, wahtsapp only for friends, snapchat only for friends, notes etc.

What i learned from this journey is that Dopamin is a limited and vulnerable resource of ours like time or money or wahtever. We should not waste it on shit. especially not on porn. biggest dopamin waste of all time..
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